We Are You, You Are Us, All Is One


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, November 11, 2021 - 11:11 am

Welcome, welcome, so good to have you back again so that we can share with you what we think is important for you to know. As we already explained in the first channeling, everything is energy. This time we want to delve deeper into that.

We are you, you are us, all is oneWe want to make clear that there is no separation. There is no separation between you and someone else. As there is no separation between you and us. We are you, you are us, we are all one, and all is energy.

To grasp this is nearly impossible for a physical human being, because you want to think in intellectual concepts, you want to explain things. This however can’t be contained in an intellectual concept. It’s something that you’ll have to experience along the way to KNOW that it is the truth.

One with the wickedness in the world?

Good, now you’ll probably think ‘very well that all is one, but I am certainly not one with what is happening in the world right now. I am definitely not one with the politicians that are unfolding tyrannical regimes over humanity’.

We understand you thinking this way, from a human point of view it is logical that you think this way. Yet we have to tell you that this unity is there. Yes, those politicians as well, also what you experience as ‘badness’ is one with you. As we are one with you, so are you one with ALL other people, including the bad guys. So they too are one with us.

treeThe tree

Imagine it being a tree. A tree has roots, a trunk, branches and leaves, assuming it is a deciduous tree. Is a leaf of a tree separate from the tree? Are the roots separate from the tree? Is the bark something other than the tree? No! They all have their specific functions and together they form the tree.

That is how it is with humanity as well. You, we, the whole universe, all together we form, no, let us phrase it differently: we are all part of Source, the All.

Resistance and rejection

Oh, we’ve seen how some gave all kinds of meanings to how we introduced ourselves. The suspicious thoughts, the fear, the rejection, the resistance, we see and feel it all. And that is fine. You may feel that resistance. We just hope you’ll open up to hear a different story than what you’ve always been told from birth.

The world is so different than you think!

Good, we’ve now explained to you that all is one. In a next episode we will take you further along and tell you more. To slowly make it clear to you how your world really works.

Stay out of fear

Finally, what we want to say is this: have no fear. You have a saying ‘fear is a bad counselor’. This is an enormous wisdom! Fear is a lower vibration, it pulls you to the lower frequencies of being, a frequency of separation, or in other words belief in separation, lack, limitations and restrictions…

feeling happyLiving without fear is possible. When you feel frustration or fear, find something in that moment to make you feel joyous. Find something to get you into a higher frequency, where you can sense a feeling of happiness. When you consistently do this, you’ll see that the world starts to become more beautiful. Stay out of the fear.

And with that lesson we want to end this episode.

We are The Wisdom, we want to help you, to discover that life is so much more beautiful than you could ever dream up until now.

And with that we are for now complete.

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