About Lady Tabitha Daniëlle

About Tabitha Daniëlle

Lady Tabitha Daniëlle (1968) is a force to be reckoned with as a masterful channel of energies and beings in the etheric and spiritual realms. Messages she channels for the general public are usually given by an energy that calls itself The Wisdom.

On her spiritual path since 2002, in 2007 she discovered her skill to communicate with 'the other side' through automatic writing. In 2021 she expanded her communication skills with verbal channeling and channeling songs.

As a wayshower she channels wisdom and insights from a higher perspective. This enables her to guide people like you to discover (or better yet remember) your True Self, reclaim your power, live a more enjoyable life, overcome challenges and experience newfound happiness, joy and peace.

Her channeled messages are clear, concise, and full of practical advice and tools that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. And as a bonus she regularly channels songs, built on the messages that come through.

Connect with Lady Tabitha and Get Ready to live Your Best Life!

What is The Wisdom?

Everything is energy. We are aware that light, electricity, sound and wind for example transfer in waves. But you as a human being are also energy. And since everything in the Universe has a frequency, a vibration, you do too. So, here's the question: who or what exactly are you?

“You are a spiritual, vibrational being that focused itself into physical form, to experience the game of duality, separation, lack and limitations, to expand from there beyond the limitations and discover the Truth of who you really are. That’s the ‘human experience’ in a nutshell.”

— The Wisdom, channeled by Lady Tabitha

All of those vibrations and frequencies have a source from where they’ve derived. Something has sparked everything into existence, and that ‘something’ is what we call Source Energy. Quantum physicists call it the ‘Zero Point Field’, or in short the ‘Field’, religious people call it ‘God’. It’s a living energy of immeasurable intelligence, it’s communicative and creative, and it’s omnipresent.

This means that it’s everywhere, outside as well as inside of you. You ARE that energy. Everything and everyone in the entire Universe is made off of this energy, and you can ask questions and receive answers from this energy, about every aspect of life!

When Lady Tabitha channels and connects with The Wisdom, it's in fact the same as connecting with Source energy. It's all one and the same, as they always confirm in their messages.

"It’s actually pretty simple: We are you, you are us, all is One. We as a Collective are integrated and One with All that Is, and we are Love in its purest form. Therefore we want to help humanity rise up out of the lack and limitation they’ve imposed on themselves, and return to their natural state of being as abundant powerful spiritual beings in physical bodies.

We want to guide you back to the knowing that you are infinite, powerful, sovereign beings. And to reach as many humans as possible, we work together with the many, many people that remembered how to tune in to Source Energy again, to communicate through them with whomever wants to listen."

— The Wisdom, channeled by Lady Tabitha

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