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Who could better answer this question than the ones being channeled? So after asking the question, this was their (channeled) response:

“So you’re asking us to explain what channeling is. Well, what you are doing right now, which is sitting in silence, focusing your thoughts to your heart, staying away from the regular thoughts in your mind, and write down or speak out loud everything that you sense is being said to you.

Inside your mind we ‘sound’ a bit like your inner voice; you know, the voice you always hear talking to you. That inner voice usually is the voice of a parent, or someone close to you, either from the past or the present, telling you what things to do or not do, telling you you’ve done something wrong (usually) or letting you know about the things you still have to do but didn’t do, and it continuously is behind you chasing you.

We sound similar to that inner voice, but you sense a distinct difference, and that is that we go much faster than you would normally write or say things. You don’t have to ‘think’ of anything that you have to write or say, it just flows. That’s when you know it’s us speaking through you. And of course, instead of writing, you can also channel us verbally. In that case you hear the exact same thing from that ‘inner voice’, but instead of writing the words down, you immediately express them verbally, and that way we sort of ‘lend’ your body, your mouth and vocal cords to speak the words we need to be said.

Another thing that is totally different from your regular inner voice, is that when you are channeling, there is never judgment. Never! We on our side in the spiritual realm don’t judge. We are not capable of feeling anything other than a deep, unconditional love for you, and every other human being for that matter. We never judge on our side, which is totally different than what your regular inner voice does. It judges, it pushes you, it tries to hurry you, make you feel guilty, uncomfortable… We never do that. We might make you uncomfortable, but never from a place of judgment or trying to make you do things you do not want.

All we want is to show you how much you are loved, and that goes for every human being (and anything not human as well), and our goal is to get you to love yourself as much as we do. We love you, we love you, we love you, it’s the main goal of our connection with you: to get that message through to you.

One last thing we think is important to mention, is that you can channel anything. Everything is energy, and what you do is channel energy. So if you want to channel your dishwasher, to give an example, or your late grandmother, it’s all the same in fact… they are energy, as much as you are energy, and by raising your vibration to a higher frequency, you can communicate with any energy in the universe. And that is channeling.”

Through channeled messages you can learn to see your life from a different perspective, the perspective of Source, the perspective of who you really are: an infinite, powerful, spiritual being that has focused itself into physical form to experience human life, with all its associated limitations and duality.

Channeling helps you remembering the Truth of who you really are.

In fact, every human is a channel. You are in a constant connection with Source and the spiritual realm is always supporting you and available to you for help. They will share the wisdom that is already inside of you, but you have to ask them for their help.

If you are willing to open and allow, you too are capable of channeling.

When I channel messages, I usually get them from the Collective Consciousness of All that Is. That’s what ‘they’ call themselves. But to me that is the same as Source Energy, and even my Higher Self. Because everything is One, there is no separation and even we human beings are one with that energy. So, whether you call it Collective Consciousness, Source, Higher Self, the Universe, the All or God, is in fact all and the same.

Everything is energy, our complete physical world is made out of energy, so is the spiritual world. There is nothing else, only energy. And everything has its own vibration or frequency.

When we channel, we connect with energy by raising our vibration to a higher level, the level of the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm lowers their vibration a bit, so that we can connect with their high frequency and receive information through messages.

So who or what can we channel? Everyone and everything! You can channel your body, or body parts, you can channel the energy of the weather, of your house, of animals and plants, and you can channel angels, guides, ascended masters, but also the Higher Selves of people, either living or deceased, be it loved ones or people you admire or want to learn from.

Tune in to the frequency of that, or whom, you want to channel and you can receive their messages.

No, it’s definitely not dangerous. Sometimes people are afraid that they will call on negative entities, lost souls or even demons, but as long as you channel from a place of love and you fill yourself completely with love before you start to channel, there is no room for those energies.

It’s not that they don’t exist, because they do, but what we are connecting with comes from pure Love.

No, if you fill yourself with love and you start a channeling session from your heart, focusing on pure Love, you are not susceptible for anything negative.

Sometimes people are afraid that they will call on negative entities, lost souls or even demons, afraid to become possessed or even taken over, but as long as you channel from a place of love, filled completely with love, there is no room for those energies.

The messages I receive are often very practical, giving you tools, and often even exercises, to improve your life and your way of thinking. If you read, or listen to, the messages more often, you will discover new things every time. Your mind will open for new ways of thinking, so when you read or listen to a message again and again, you will see things from several different perspectives and start to see the depth of what the message reveals to you.

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