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Channeling is a way to tap into a higher level of awareness or spiritual energy to gain guidance and knowledge. You do this by raising your own energy, going into a higher vibration. At the same time you quiet your thinking mind and become receptive of a different energy that provides you with profound insights and wisdom.

To make the connection the spiritual realm lowers their vibration a bit, so that you can connect with their higher frequency, enabling you to receive information in the form of messages, codes or inspiration, coming from a realm beyond your physical existence.

Through channeled messages you can learn to see your life from a different perspective, the perspective of Source, the perspective of who you really are: an infinite, powerful, spiritual being that has focused itself into physical form to experience human life, with all its associated limitations and duality.

Channeling helps you remembering the Truth of who you really are.

In fact, every human is a channel. You are in a constant connection with Source and the spiritual realm is always supporting you and available to you for help. They will share the wisdom that is already inside of you, but you have to ask them for their help.

If you are willing to open and allow, you too are capable of channeling.

Messages Lady Tabitha channels for the general public are usually given by an energy that calls itself The Wisdom.

In personal sessions the energies are often not specifically named or identified. They can vary from a person’s higher self to their guides, guardian angel or any other energy that has a message to share with them.

Everything is energy and everything has its own vibration or frequency.

When we channel, we connect with energy and that can be the energy of everyone and everything! You can channel your body, or body parts, you can channel the energy of the weather, your house, animals and plants, you can channel angels, guides, ascended masters, but also the higher selves of people, either living or deceased, be it loved ones or people you admire or want to learn from.

Tune in to the frequency of that, or whom, you want to channel and you can receive their messages.

No, it’s definitely not dangerous. Sometimes people are afraid that they will call on negative entities, lost souls or even demons, but as long as you channel from a place of love and you fill yourself completely with love before you start to channel, there is no room for those energies.

What we are connecting with comes from pure Love.

No, if you fill yourself with love and you start a channeling session from your heart, focusing on pure Love, you are not susceptible for negative energies or entities.

In general it’s best practice to take in the message preferably daily, but at least a few times a week, for a month. You will gain a deeper understanding and it will open your mind for new ways of thinking and seeing the depth of the message. By going over the message daily, you’ll begin to see things from a different perspective and create a new reality and a new better future.

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About Me

Hey there, I’m Lady Tabitha Daniëlle and I’m not your average gal. I’ve been receiving some pretty mind-blowing messages since 2021 from The Wisdom, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the trip.

As a natural born ‘healer and helper’, I’ve been called upon to be a wayshower for people just like you. My mission is to share the guidance and wisdom I receive, so that you too will remember the incredible power that’s already inside you and take control of your life.

The best part? The messages I receive are always crystal clear and packed with practical tips and tools that you can easily integrate into your daily routine.

So, if you’re resonating with what I’m saying here, and you’re ready to level up your life, bookmark this website and check out my channeled messages! Trust me, there’s some seriously juicy knowledge waiting for you there. Let’s kick things up a notch and explore the possibilities together!

Ready to take your journey to the next level? Personal sessions with me are the perfect way to get tailored guidance and support. Drop me a line and let’s get started!

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