Don’t Feed Them With Your Fear!


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, November 23, 2021 - 10:00 am

fearWelcome, welcome dear reader, on this fine and beautiful day. Every week again it’s a joyful moment for us to tell you more about the things you can’t see, but that definitely are there. At this moment there is an enormous density in the whole world, fed by fear. As if there’s a heavy blanket laying over your mind.

We understand this, and we feel for you. However, we keep pointing out that it’s not necessary for you to go along with this negative, heavy energy. You can rise above it, you can rise up and raise your energetic vibration, so that negativity will hardly touch you anymore.

Where is your focus?

You as a human being tend to focus on things you don’t want. You tend to fight, to battle, go against it. However, realize that everything you fight against gets your focus, so you make it stronger! Stop the fight, stop the resistance, stop the pushing and pulling, trying to clear it with your mind and your physical faculties. You won’t succeed.

Oh yes, you can certainly achieve some victory with it, it’s not that you can achieve nothing. But it costs you so much energy and joie de vivre. Is it worth that price? If there are ways to do so much easier?

Create that which you want

‘Yes, but how?’ you wonder. As we said before, focus on the things you DO want. Focus on love, on the beautiful nature, focus on your pet, or your children, grandchildren, your partner, friends that you love, on music that makes you happy. There is so much more to focus on and give your attention. It really isn’t necessary to concern yourself with heavy, unpleasant matters.

spiralYou’ll notice that as soon as you allow better thoughts, with a nicer energy, that your feelings improve. And if your feelings improve, you’ll feel better overall. If you feel better you’ll become happier, you’ll see the brighter side of life again. And when you reach that state, you’ll be open to see and feel the beauty of life again in everything big and small.

That way you’ll end up in an upward spiral, on the way to a higher vibrational frequency, a state in which fear, or frustration, anger and other heavy energies no longer have a grip on you.

Fear is food, don’t provide it anymore!

Realize that your ‘rulers’, who are mere actors in a worldwide game that all of humanity is playing, feed off the fear of people. No longer feed them with your fear or frustration, then they’ll slowly fade away. That which you don’t feed or give your attention will fade, it disappears.

freedomInstead of being angry en masse about the measures, it would be better if you en masse would get to a higher vibration, far away from that anger and fear. That way you would achieve what you really want much faster: freedom, autonomy, sovereignty. So take this lesson to heart.

Every human is a channel, everybody channels

Be aware that the fact that you’re reading this right now, means that you create these words at this very moment! YOU are the one channeling this right now, like every human on the earth has the gift and possibility to ‘hear’ and understand all the energy.

You’re not reading this for nothing. However much you have the feeling that this is just nonsense, vague, or ‘whoo whoo’. The fact that you’re reading this, simply means that you attracted it to you, and that you need it to read these words.

And with that thought we close for today. We are The Wisdom, but we are not outside of you, we ARE you. And you are us. All is one.

And with that we are for now complete.

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