Understand 2 Sides of the Powerful Connection Between Food and Vibration


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, February 21, 2023 - 10:00 am

foodWelcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day indeed. We are so pleased to be with you again, and we’d like to speak about food and the connection between food and vibration.

We know we’ve spoken about food before, and we also know that some of you didn’t agree with what we were saying.

So, we’ll talk bit more about it, to help you understand the higher perspective that we bring forth.

Connection between food and vibration

Food, it’s a necessity for your physical body. You need water, you need light, you need air and you need fuel in the form of food.

Recently we spoke about what you’re feeding yourself, and that was partly about what you’re feeding yourself mentally.

But this time we want to focus on food, literal food, the stuff that you put into your body, into your mouth, and the important connection between food and vibration. Your vibration!

We know that you like to eat things that are tasty. Some of you like sweet tastes, others like more savory tastes, and there are among you that really enjoy bitter or sour tastes.

It’s a matter of taste, literally, and it’s a good thing that you all have different things that you like.

1. Your vibration

your vibrationBut not everything you put in your mouth is healthy for you, you know that. And you have a tendency of beating yourself up when you’ve eaten things that are unhealthy.

You tend to punish yourself, either with words or with abstinence of food, when you’ve eaten too much, too fatty, too sugary, too much alcohol, too much of whatever….

In your mind you make it a big deal, and there the real problem lies.

Because, and we’ve said this before, it’s more about the meaning you give the things you put in your mouth and in your body, than that it is about the substances themselves.

Sugar, yes, it can cause problems, but when you’re in a higher vibration, not in the state of being that is in lack, limitation and separateness, but you being in the wholeness, the oneness, the knowingness, being the Isness of All that Is, in that state, you can eat anything you want.

You will alchemize it into Light, without doing any harm or damage to your body. This part of the connection between food and vibration, relates to the vibration you’re in while eating!

But this connection between food and vibration has another side: the vibration of the food you’re eating.

2. Vibration of the food

frequency of foodAll you need to know about food, about what is good or not good for you, is engraved inside of you. And if you go within, you will discover that you can tune into the vibration, into the energy of everything.

You can ‘read’, or ’scan’ the energy of everything you want to eat. And based on that vibration, you can know whether it’s a good idea to eat something or not.

You don’t need old beliefs, you don’t need old patterns, you don’t need other people’s wisdom to make decisions about your food. All you need is inside of you.

You are very well capable of knowing the real Truth. You are capable of going within and discovering that all you need to know is already inside of you.

When problems arise, they start in your mind, and in your programming, your subconscious beliefs.

You have all this heritage of opinions, scientific research, ideas, articles in magazines, documentaries on television or the internet, telling you what is good and what is bad.

And for every opinion there is a counter opinion. For every study proving a point, there is a counter study proving the opposite to be true.

Clean the slate of old programs and beliefs

We tell you again, as we’ve told you often times before: you have to stop giving your power away to things, people and situations outside of you. Because all you need is inside of you!

clean slateThere is no outside world, that is an illusion, a hologram, fiction, smoke and mirrors, all there is is data, and beliefs, programming, things you’ve learned and adopted as truths, without even checking whether or not they were true.

Let go of all the opinions, meanings, beliefs about everything, not just about food, and start with a clean slate, turning to your heart, going within for every question that you have, for every answer that you seek.

Then you will begin to live the best possible life, your best possible life, without all the labels and judgements that are not serving you. You will be able to see that all food is good if you take it in from a higher vibration, from a knowing that you are it all.

Because that is the Truth: you are all the food you eat, you are the creator of it all, you are the Energy of it all. You ARE it all!

Integrate the wisdom, into your heart

integrate wisdom in your heartBut you have to be in a state of being where you know and integrate this knowledge. Not just with your head, but with your heart.

You have to inwardly know and understand the importance of the connection between food and vibration!

We love you, and we are always giving you new aspects to think about, to increase your knowledge and help you remember the Truth of who you really are.

You are Source, you are God, you are us, and we are you. All is One, and All is Well.

We love you, we love you, we love you. We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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