How Love and Sovereignty Are the Basis for Everything


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, January 18, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human. We are glad you are taking the time again to read, or listen to, a new message from us, especially in this era where embracing love and personal sovereignty is a challenge for many.

It’s not always easy for you as a human being to be and stay in love and to be aware of your sovereignty. So we’ll take a bit more in-depth look at this interplay today.

Everything is love

First off, we want to tell you that there’s nothing but love. Everything around you, and everything from which you have once emerged is love. Now don’t immediately think ‘what nonsense’, if for example, you weren’t created from a loving relationship between your human parents. We are talking about another origin here, your emergence from the invisible world.

all encompassing loveAt one time you focused so strongly on coming to earth, that you manifested yourself in physical form. Where you came from is a place of overwhelming love, that is almost impossible for humans to comprehend.

You will experience this again yourself in due time, when you return to your origin, when your physical body dies. But you haven’t reached that point yet, and of course you want to experience as much of that love as possible in your physical life, right?

Love in a world full of problems?

We understand that when you look around you, and see the world from a vibration of separation, lack and limitations, that you don’t see that love. And yet what is going on in the world right now also comes from the origin of Love.

As we have said before, everything is love, everything happens for you. Nothing happens without a reason.

Back to sovereignty for the human being

What is happening in the world now, is happening to help people awaken from their ‘hypnosis’, so to speak. They have been hypnotized, put to sleep, by placing as much as possible outside of themselves.

Mankind has been handing over more and more responsibilities. Governments had to regulate, determine, more and more, make sure that things no longer had to be thought of by people themselves.

Laws, rules and regulations came into being, and mankind was fine with it. This way they didn’t have to think so much themselves, the governments took care of everything.

But man by nature is a free being, embodying sovereignty and spiritual depth. And in the long run things start to falter when you no longer have the freedom to move how and where you want.

So it is necessary to regain that freedom, and to begin to realize that everything is within you.

You have participated in handing over your responsibilities, and now there is a flow of energy that will ensure that you and everyone can reclaim their sovereignty, taking back their own responsibility.

New respect for life, for the Earth

And the basis for this is love. An all-encompassing love for humanity, from Source, from the place where you and everyone came from.

In the coming period many people will come to realize that the world as it was is not coming back, and that they don’t want it back either. The world of restrictions, the world of exploitation, of disrespect.

respect for lifeIt is time for respect, love, and sovereignty, for the Earth and everything that lives on it, to return. And the current situations in the world will contribute to this.

And you as a human being, have your role in that. Keep focusing on love. Feel love especially for yourself, accept who you are and that you are exactly as you should be.

That the experiences you have, on the one hand are the consequences of choices you made, on the other hand are lessons to help you find the strength in yourself again. And in doing so, the things you experience are benchmarks for yourself, moments to learn new things about yourself and the world you live in.

Love is the main driving force behind everything. The source of everything is love, and although you may still not see it or believe it, or even want to assume it, this is the greatest truth there is. Love is what you need to focus your attention on.

Why love the ‘bad people’?

originYes, even love for those you dislike. Because they too are on their journey as spiritual beings in a physical body. The things they do, you may not like as a human being, but these people too have begun this journey in a physical body, from Source, from Love.

Their Higher Self is just as full of love as is yours. And always remember that all is one. Your Higher Self, their Higher Self, all is one, everything comes from the same Source, everything has its basis in Love.

And in the end Love conquers all. Do not be tempted to hate, which is the flip side of the coin. Because hate is an emotion that first goes through you. Just as everything you think negatively about, through your thoughts and emotions goes through you first.

So if you feel hatred for someone, or rejection of someone, that emotion will go through you first, and have its effect in your physical body. Steer clear from that, focus on love, and on love for yourself and everything around you, knowing that everything is as it should be. Even if you cannot see the bigger picture.

We love you, and we will keep saying it until you understand that you can and may love yourself just as much.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for now.

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