What is the Power of Unconditional Love?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome dear human, we’re so happy to be able to speak with you again through this channel. We see your fears, your doubts, your powerlessness, and we want to help you see another side of the coin. The side where it’s obvious that everything is as it should be. Nothing happens without reason, nothing is coincidence, nothing is ‘by accident’, everything goes the way it should go.

Today we want to talk about unconditional love. The love that sets no conditions, that doesn’t say ‘if you do/be this, or that, then I’ll love you’. No, unconditional love has no strings attached, it just IS. It’s a love that transcends, that goes deeper than any other form of love.

judgingPeople label

We want to show you that such a love is necessary to see the world the way we on this side do. Part of unconditional love is to be free of judgment. When you’re free of judgment, only then you’ll be able to love unconditionally.

And we understand that for you as a human being it’s a difficult task to let go of judgment, to be able to enter that state of unconditional love, but do realize that it’s necessary.

As a human being you tend to label everything. ‘This is good, and that is bad’, ‘this person is nice, I don’t like that other person’, ‘this food tastes good, that food is disgusting’, ‘I love this color, but that color I detest’… You’re full of it, all day long, with everything you do and think.

Let judgment go

When you pay attention to it, you’ll recognize it. And we say this without any reproach, because on our side there’s no judgment, we love you, no matter what you do or say, or think. However, if you want to reach a state of unconditional love, the first and biggest step to reach that state is to stop judging.

We realize that you look at the world from a human point of view. You see situations unfolding, without being able to see the bigger picture the way we can on this side. You only see the effects on, and potential ‘dangers’ for, your human life, and from that position it’s understandable that you judge, that you label things, that you label humans.

However, we continue saying: with judgment you keep yourself stuck in a lower vibration, continuously creating the things you don’t want. Because what you probably don’t fully realize, is that YOU are the one creating your world. And you create that world with your thoughts, with your emotions, and with what you focus upon.

unconditional loveThe power of unconditional love

Focus on everything you’re judging, and you’ll get more of that which you don’t want! Shift your attention to being free of judgment, and as a result to unconditional love for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, yes do read that again… unconditional love for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, then you’ll see that your world is going to change. Then you’ll create from a totally different state of being, and coming from love you’ll focus on the things you DO want.

Love is the strongest creating force that exists! When you learn to handle that instrument, and start using it, you’ll see that you’ll look at the world differently, not only because you look differently, but also because your world, your whole reality, shifts and changes.

power of unconditional loveRealize who you really are

You are a creator, you’re a spiritual being in a human body, you’ve got the power to create worlds. Realize that, realize how strong and powerful you are! And connect with that wisdom, so that together with all other humans who are aware of this (and there are more and more every day!), in ultimate co-creation, you’ll create the world that you want, to be optimally happy.

Your heaven on earth is here, you create it yourself, provided that you do this out of unconditional love, free of judgment.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for now.

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