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S1E9 - John Rusciano - Exploring Consciousness, Mind-body Connection and Self-Love

In this episode, we are thrilled to have John Rusciano from California. John is a hypnotherapist, teacher, speaker, and coach.

John brings a unique perspective with his deep understanding of consciousness, the mind-body connection, and the transformative journey of self-discovery.✨

Join us as John shares his remarkable experiences, from early spiritual insights to his innovative approach in hypnotherapy. 🔮

His stories about connecting with higher consciousness and the profound impact of self-love are sure to captivate and inspire.💖

Dive into this enriching conversation and explore the profound wisdom that John shares with all of us! 🌀

Contact John through his website:


Or you can send him an email:

  • john @ (without spaces)
S1E8 - Olivier Maxted - From Australia to the Algarve: Journey with the Didgeridoo
Join us for a captivating conversation on the Channeling Circle of Wisdom podcast 🎤. This episode features a unique guest: Olivier Maxted, a channel and musician with a fascinating journey from Australia to the Algarve.

Dive into his world as he shares incredible experiences, from playing the didgeridoo in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid to his transition into a spiritual guide.

Discover insights into the power of channeling and sound healing 🎶 that have touched lives globally.

Olivier’s journey is a profound exploration of connecting with universal energies and the transformative power 🔮 of accepting one’s path. His stories are sure to enlighten and inspire!

Click to watch and be part of this soul-enriching conversation. You won’t want to miss the wisdom that Olivier brings to our circle!✨

Olivier can be contacted via his and Megan’s website:
S1E7 - Rob Tryon - Blending Worlds: Finance, Spirituality, and the Journey of Transformation
Dive into a captivating episode of the “Channeling Circle of Wisdom” podcast 🎧 with Rob Tryon as our guest. Rob is a seasoned finance professional and spiritual explorer.

In this insightful conversation, he shares his transformative journey from traditional finance to integrating spiritual practices into his everyday life 🔄.

Discover how channeling and spirituality have influenced his approach to business and personal growth, offering a unique perspective on balancing analytical rigor with intuitive guidance 🔮.

Tune in to explore how Rob’s spiritual insights can inspire your own path to greater fulfillment and success 🚀. Don’t miss this engaging blend of finance, spirituality, and personal evolution!

Rob can be contacted through email:
  • tryon @ (without spaces)
S1E6 - Susan Wise - A Deep Dive: Harnessing Inner Wisdom
Join us in this 6th episode of the Channeling Circle of Wisdom Podcast 🎙️, for a captivating conversation with Susan Wise who is a life strategist, coach, and speaker, known for her transformative approach to spirituality and self-growth.

In this episode, Susan shares her journey of discovering channeling 🔮 and its profound impact on her personal and professional life.

Discover how embracing all parts of your can lead to abundance, a deeper connection with yourself, and a profound sense of peace 🕊️.

This conversation offers valuable insights and practical advice to enhance your spiritual path and everyday life. Don’t miss this deep dive into the power of inner wisdom and community building with Susan Wise 🌍.

Discover more about Susan on her website:
Contact Susan through email:
  • susanowise1 @ (without spaces)

Follow Susan on Instagram:
S1E5 - Sandra Jones - Embracing the Unknown: Quest for Spiritual Discovery
Join us for an enlightening episode 5 of the Channeling Circle of Wisdom Podcast with our special guest: Sandra Jones.

Sandra is a Canadian light language channel and spiritual explorer, who shares her riveting journey of quitting her job 💼, selling her house 🏠, and traveling the world 🌏 to pursue spiritual growth and global connection.

Get inspired by Sandra’s stories of travel ✈️, her encounters with diverse spiritual practices, and her profound insights on self-love, trust, and the art of receiving.

Discover how Sandra’s journey led her to unexpected places, both externally and within, and how you too can uncover a more spiritually fulfilling life 🧘‍♀️. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Sandra can be reached by email:

  • iamlovesandra @ (without spaces>

For more information about Power of 11 groups, check out S1E2 with Troy Tate.
S1E4 - Mark Rogers - Unveiling Spiritual Mysteries: An Intriguing Path to Enlightenment
🌟 Join me for Episode 4 of the Channeling Circle of Wisdom Podcast, featuring Mark Rogers.

In this insightful episode, we talk about Mark’s intriguing spiritual journey over the past three decades. 🌌

Discover how Mark’s journey transitions from being a computer engineer to becoming a business owner and embracing the realms of personal and spiritual development.

Get ready to explore intriguing topics like automatic writing, Zen practice, and his unique experiences with extraterrestrial energies and connections. 🧘‍♂️

Whether you’re a spiritual seeker or just curious about the mystical, this episode promises profound insights and inspiring stories. ✨

Immerse yourself in the dynamic and thought-provoking dialogue between me and Mark, as we navigate the realms of spiritual growth, channeling mysteries, and the profound impacts these practices have on personal and professional life.

A conversation not to be missed! 🌠

Connect with Mark through his website:
And you can follow him on YouTube as well:
S1E3 - Rosemary Leach - The Crystal Whisperer: Unlocking Mystical Insights
Join your host, Tabitha Daniëlle, for an inspiring episode of the Channeling Circle of Wisdom podcast, featuring the remarkable Rosemary Leach, renowned as the crystal whisperer 🔮.

In this episode, Rosemary unveils her fascinating journey into the realm of channeling crystal energies and the entities within 🌌.

Discover how her unique experiences and spiritual upbringing shaped her path in clairvoyance and channeling.

Delve into the enchanting world of crystals💎 as Rosemary shares her insights on connecting with these natural wonders, offering a glimpse into the transformative power and wisdom they hold.

Prepare to be captivated by stories of spiritual growth and the profound impact of crystal channeling in this must-listen episode 💖.

Connect with Rosemary if you’re interested in a reading of one (or more) of your crystals, or if you want a coaching session with her:
Her email address is:
  • rosemary @ (without spaces)
S1E2 - Troy Tate - From Lawyer to Spiritual Explorer: An Inspiring Journey
Dive into this 🎙️ episode of the Channeling Circle of Wisdom podcast for a thrilling ride with Troy Tate, who swapped legal battles for spiritual quests.

Discover how he transformed from courtroom intensity to founding the intriguing Power of 11 groups.

It’s an inspiring, thought-provoking tale perfect for anyone drawn to stories of radical life changes 🔄 and the pursuit of deeper meanings.

Tune in for mind-bending insights and a journey that’s all heart ❤️!

Connect with Troy if you’re interested in joining or starting a Power of 11 group:
  • themissingstep @ (without spaces)

This is the link to his book on Amazon:
S1E1 - Lesley M. Kaye - How a Journal of Divine Messages Transformed into 5 Captivating Books in Just a Year!
Dive deep in this podcast, as we unveil the transformative journey of Lesley M. Kaye — the awe-inspiring author who crafted FIVE enthralling books in 2023 alone! 📚

Ever pondered the magic of channeling one’s cosmic connections into creative genius? Delve into the captivating story of how Lesley’s channeling journal evolved into a literary treasure.

Traversing from whispered celestial messages to the crafted chapters of her books, experience how serendipity, spirit, and narration seamlessly intertwine.

🎧 Ready for a voyage of wonder and creation? If tales of cosmic connections, profound discoveries, and artistic flair resonate with you, this episode awaits your ears. Dive in and let the enchantment flow! 🌌

Lesley’s Books Are Available Through the Following Links:
Connect with Lesley on Instagram:

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