You and the Star Families, a Powerful Celestial Connection?

By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, June 1, 2023 - 10:00 am

looking up for ufosWelcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to speak to you about your star families, because you’ve been asking about it.

Many people have been looking up to the skies, hoping or wishing to see something mystical appear. Many of you want to know, or want to believe, that there is more outside of your own little planet.

What is your connection with the star families?

You want to know whether or not there is alien life outside, somewhere in the cosmos, and if it’s possible for you to connect or even communicate with those life forms.

We understand that, better probably than you would think. Because what you as human beings are, is something way more close to ‘aliens’ than you could have ever imagined.

You, our dear friend, are a descendant of the extraterrestrial life forms yourself.

Like you have seen on your planet in so many places, colonialism has been wide spread.

In your own Earthly countries, due to colonialism and people and moving, emigrating to different parts of the world, the course of people has changed, and we mean people as a separate group or culture.

For instance, what you call the indigenous people of America, or the indigenous people of Australia, they have been changed, because of the arrival of other folk.

Now, we put this plain and simple for everyone to understand. Because, obviously things are way more complicated than we could share in a short message.

Origin of humanity

star families from outer spaceSo, now back to outer Earth life forms. You all are part of different star families. Many of you are descendants of Orion, Arcturus, the Pleiades, and many more constellations in your universe.

And your star families, your ancestors, have mingled with other, as well as created new, life forms in different places.

Humanity is a mixture of several life forms, coming from different star families. And that is why you are all looking up so eagerly for answers from outer space, for a sign of life, because you are related to that which you know is out there.

It’s in your genes, it’s in your DNA.

Out there is within

But as we’ve told you many times already, in all reality, there is no out there. As your physical ‘reality’ is an illusion, it’s a hologram, like a game, a play, a movie, and so is the knowing of life in outer space.

It’s another part of your expansion, of the expansion of Consciousness, and all that you believe to be ‘out there’ is coming from within, inside of you.

Your star family is living inside of you, there is no need to look outside for answers, or for someone or something to show themselves to you. They are you, and you are them.

Go within, into your heart, and see the data that is there. It’s like a super computer, creating all these different images, beings, life forms, to show up in your outer world.

But it’s coming from within, it’s coming from Source, from Consciousness.

It’s all connected, it’s all One, it’s all one and the same, there is no need to look outside for anything, because if you can imagine it, it’s already there.

The image, the creation, it all happens within Consciousness, which is you, which is all of you. It’s all connected, there is no separation.

Getting answers from your star families

Get answers from your star families from within youSo, if you’re looking for answers about your star families, if you’re looking for alien life forms, looking for answers coming from extraterrestrial life forms, even if you’re looking up for help from the Galactic Federation of Light, or any other organization out there, it is all to be found within yourself.

Within, and coming from, your heart space, where all of Consciousness and Wisdom is, where All that Is resides. That is your place to go to find your answers, to any questions.

We love you so much dear human, and we suspect that this message doesn’t even scratch the surface of the questions that you have, but for now this is all we’ve got for you.

We love you, we love you, we love you, and we see you, because we are you. It’s all One, it’s all You, it’s all Source, the Universe, it’s all Consciousness.

And with that, dear one, we are complete.

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