The Energy of Money and What You Need to Understand


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, May 30, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this wonderful new day. We are so pleased to speak with you about the energy of money and the way you perceive it.

worrying about not having enough moneyWe see many of you struggling with money, or better said, with the lack of money. We understand how you have been programmed all of your life to think that money is something that you need to work hard for.

You’ve been taught that you have to have skills to earn money. You were even taught that you need to be worthy of deserving and receiving money.

Well, today we are going to tell you a different story. One that might stretch your perspective in a painful way, because not everyone is willing to hear our words. And not everyone is happy to accept them.

Because our words are so different from what you’ve always believed to be true. It might be painful to read, but always remember that our words are meant to encourage you, and never meant to put you down, or worse, to judge you.

We have no judgement over you, your actions nor your words, we are just loving you in every possible way. And we send that love to you, always.

A different view on the energy of money

So, what is our controversial view on money that we want to share with you? Money is energy. That much you probably already knew. But… having it, earning it, receiving it, it’s your birthright.

The energy of money is easily flowing, like oxygen or like water. Think of ice melting from the mountains, dripping water into the streams, turning into rivers, forming lakes and oceans.

Like water and oxygen, the energy of money is ever present.

And it doesn’t even always come in the form of physical money. The energy of money, the energy of value, of exchange, is available in many forms!

It can be exchanged in products, in labor, in compliments, in love and kindness, it can be exchanged in helping someone out, it can be exchanged without one single cent being spent.

That is the most important thing for you to understand, that money is not just coins and printed paper with certain values that you as a collective have agreed upon.

No, the energy of money is much more, and it is surrounding you everywhere, always.

Why you don’t have it

lack of moneyBut we get where you get stuck. You’ve become so focused on money in the form of coins and bills, that you forgot about the other forms in which the energy of money can show up.

So let’s talk a bit about the coins and bills. Why is it so hard for you to receive them?

Why do you feel that you always lack money, that you’re always struggling to come by, to put food on the table, to pay your bills?

Why is that, if receiving money is your birthright?

That, dear one, is because you have limiting beliefs. You have been programmed to think that money is scarce, that there isn’t enough money for all of you.

You’ve bought into the narrative of ‘1% of the human population owns 99% of the money’, which means that you being part of the 99% that has to share 1% of the money is thus living in lack.

We call that a fairy tale. Because even though you may believe that to be true, in reality it isn’t. It’s a belief, it’s a limiting belief, with which you hold yourself hostage and with which you prevent any money to be able to flow to you!

Change your beliefs, change how you look at money, change how you feel about money and you will begin to see that money flows to you, easily and effortlessly!

Look at the value you give yourself

Another thing is self-worth. How do you value yourself? Do you think yourself worthy of having more money than you could ever spend? Do you feel and see yourself as a millionaire? A billionaire even?

For most of you the answer is ‘no, I’m just… fill in the blank’. Stop valuing yourself so low, as undeserving, as not being or doing enough.

And stop thinking that money is evil, stop labeling money as ‘dirty’ or ‘filthy’, begin to see the reality of money, as abundantly around you as oxygen in the air.

oxygen savingsDo you ever think ‘I’m not sure if I deserve to breathe today’, or value yourself as unworthy of oxygen? Do you think about saving oxygen for times when oxygen is becoming scarce? Or do you save oxygen in a tank, to make sure you have enough at the end of the month?

No, of course not! You don’t even think about the amount of oxygen you breathe in every day, every month, your whole life. It’s a non issue. You breathe, and there is always enough oxygen to breathe in as much as you need.

That is the way to start feeling about and looking at money, the energy of money. That is how the energy of money flows, easily and effortlessly, without thinking.

But you’ve made it an issue, you think about money several times a day. Whether you have enough to get to the end of the month. With every bill you receive you check your balance. ‘Can I pay this? Do I need to wait?’

You never think of oxygen that way, you never think ‘let’s skip a few breaths, to safe some for later this week’ or ‘I have to work harder or smarter to earn some more oxygen’.

Perception, it’s all about perception

It’s all perception, we’ve told you this many times already. Your perception, your beliefs, the meaning you give to anything is the meaning it has, and that is how it shows up in your physical world.

Allow and receive the energy of moneyChange your perception of money, change your beliefs about money, and your reality will change. Money is energy, and money flows to those who see it the way it is: energy, accessible for all of you!

We will talk about this some more in a later message. Because it’s an important topic, and we want you to get it. But it takes time for you to grasp the depth of it.

So we’ll leave it at this for now, and come back to it in a few weeks time.

We are The Wisdom. We love you dearly, and we want you to live the best human experience possible.

And with that, we are complete for today.

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