2 Steps to Get out of Poverty Into Abundance


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, May 2, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to be with you again, and we’d like to speak about poverty and abundance.

When you’re feeling poor

feeling poorNow, we know that many of you are feeling poor, not only in financial matters, but in general. Poverty is a problem for many people, and maybe you feel poor as well. Then this one’s for you.

Poverty is living in lack of something you need, or feel you need to have. It may be money, it may be food, it maybe a roof over your head. But it can also mean living in lack of a loving partner or a loving and caring family.

Maybe you’re an orphan and have lived, or are living, a life lacking the love of parents. Some have parents that are still alive, yet they do feel they are lacking love from their parents for whatever reasons.

This can make you feel poor, in need of whatever is lacking.

We understand that from your human perspective these situations can be hard and can fill your heart with feelings of sadness, grief, sometimes even devastation or depression.

What is the cause of poverty?

What we want you to understand, is something we’ve told you already many times before: your thoughts are the real cause of whatever kind of poverty or lack you’re experiencing.

You are in essence an infinite, divine, everlasting, ever living and ever loving being. That is the Truth of who you really are.

By thinking and feeling that you are in total lack of whatever it is you want, be it money, attention, love, anything… you are feeding your brain lack.

Now, we’ve said this too, many a time: we don’t blame you for it, we don’t judge you for that. But we urge you to come out of that self implied cage you’ve created around you, by changing your thoughts and changing your habits!

Because repeating thoughts of poverty, of unworthiness, of inability, of not-enoughness, you create your own prison. A mental and emotional prison, that will show itself in your physical reality as constant figurative walls you’re banging your head against!

Step 1: get clear on what you’re thinking and feeling

You have the power to step out of the lack, out of the poverty, by changing your thoughts and feelings.

We understand that your response might be: “Wait a minute! I didn’t ask for this lack of money! I never wanted to lose my house, my business or my family! I wanted abundance, I want love, I want to love and be loved”.

what thoughts are you thinking every day?If that’s you, think closely: what do you think about each day? What are your repeating thoughts and repeating feelings throughout a general day in your life? Are those thoughts and feelings of happiness, of abundance, of love?

Or do you mainly have feelings of frustration, because you say you want the love or the abundance, but you actually focus on the lack of it.

If you think thoughts of ‘I want this or that, but I don’t have it yet’, then you are filling your mind with lack, and that determines your vibrational frequency, with which you attract what you’re focused upon.

Do you understand this? Your frequency, your vibration, is what attracts. So if you’re in a vibrational frequency of lack, lack is what will show up in your physical reality.

Step 2: change your habits, change your thoughts

If you can alter your state of mind, your way of thinking, change your thoughts to already feeling love, to already experience abundance, in any way, if only to raise your vibration to a higher level, then your physical reality will follow suit! It has to, there is no other way. What you attract always matches your vibration!

So how can you feel abundant and go beyond the feelings of poverty and lack?

By looking at where the abundance already is! Look at nature, there is always an abundance of birds, of butterflies, bees, leafs on trees, flowers, even an abundance of good, loving people.

See the good things in your life, see that there are always things to be grateful for. Recognize the abundance of acts of kindness in the world. Instead of focusing on the lack of it.

Focus on the things you love, and focus on the things you already have, and be grateful for them.

Be grateful for and focus on what you already have

Be grateful for the abundance that is already thereGratitude for the things you already have, will send a message to the Universe, to Source, that you are ready for the next step, that you are open to receive more of what you love.

When you are sending out a vibration of love and abundance, you will receive exactly that.

Always remember: poverty starts in your mind! It’s not created outside of you making you feel poor. It’s the opposite: it’s created within you, by your thoughts and feelings, and then it shows up in your reality.

For now we think this is enough to ponder on. Try it, raise your thoughts to a higher level and with that get into better feelings and a better overall vibrational frequency.

We love you so much dear human, and we know: if you master this, you will feel so much better, so much more abundant and it will change your reality! Go on, give it a try!

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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