What to do when disappointment gets the better of you?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, April 27, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to be with you again and we’d like to speak a few words about disappointment. As we see many of you feeling disappointment about many things.

When disappointment gets triggered

disappointment, relationshipsIt can be that you’re feeling disappointed about things your partner does (or doesn’t) do.

Others are disappointed in humanity, because of how things around the globe are going, seen from your limited perspective.

Maybe you’re feeling disappointment about life in general. You had high hopes and expectations, and how you thought it should work out just didn’t happen.

And what we see the most, is that you are feeling disappointed in yourself. Because you thought or hoped to have achieved more in your life, or you did things that you regretted afterwards, or you didn’t do certain things that you think you should have.

There are many reasons that feelings of disappointment can be triggered, and it brings your mood down. As we would phrase it: it brings your vibration down.

Cause and effect of feeling disappointed

Disappointment triggers feelings that are closely related to it, such as shame, regret, sadness, depression, feelings of not being enough, feelings of loss, sometimes even grief for the loss of dreams.

As you can see, it usually doesn’t have a very positive effect when you’re disappointed.

But where does disappointment come from? Why do you so often feel disappointed in others and yourself? What is it that makes you feel let down?

Well, to be honest with you, it is only triggered by thoughts and expectations.

That sounds so simple and easily said, right? But that’s what’s causing disappointment: thoughts and expectations.

What happens when expectations are in place

crushed expectationsYou expect things to be a certain way, expecting a specific outcome.

Maybe you expect people to act a certain way, to say certain things, or to not say or do certain things, and yet they do the opposite of what you expected.

Your friend doesn’t understand your point of view and their response hurts your feelings, because you expected something else coming from them.

Someone treats you totally different than you expected or your partner didn’t do what you expected them to do, so you’re feeling awful now.

The government isn’t handling situations or issues the way you thought they would, or the way you think they should, so you’re feeling disappointed in them, resent them, or maybe even feel betrayed by them.

The basis for it all is what you think and what you expect.

Communication can be helpful

With people in your immediate circle, it’s usually fairly easily solved, by communicating what you’re expecting from someone. Not just thinking and hoping that someone will do something, but asking them to do it. And then let the expectation go.

If they don’t do it, there’s nothing lost, because you had no expectation, and you accept their free will to do or don’t do what you asked them to.

And then stop thinking about it. Stop having conversations in your head, repeating things that you feel you should have said, or thinking what you should have done instead, blaming yourself or blaming them for whatever happened or didn’t happen.

The things you think, about any given situation, about any given expectation, those are the real issue, the real cause for your feelings of being let down, for disappointment.

Back into the flow

If you manage to keep your thoughts in a better vibrational frequency, by thinking more relaxed thoughts, more thoughts of acceptance of what is, you will see that things start to move back into a flow.

get back in the flowBecause flow is what makes you feel better. Things go well without you pushing and pulling, flow just streams through you into the world and back to you from the world.

It creates balance, where you feel much better and less focused on whatever you think should happen outside of you.

When you let go of expectations, and when you take charge of your thoughts, you’ll see that things will get easier, and that your overall feelings of well-being will start to rise.

New ways of handling disappointment

Whenever you’re disappointed, take a closer look at what you were expecting and the thoughts you think about it. Then stop yourself, thank your thoughts and let go of the expectations, release it all into the Universe.

Just try this, take a few deep breaths before you even respond or react when you’re triggered, and then let it go.

And when it’s you you’re disappointed in, why not look at yourself from a different perspective? Look at yourself through the eyes of the Universe, or look at yourself the way you would look at your best friend, your partner or anyone you love deeply.

You would never judge them the way you judge yourself, would you? So give yourself more love, cut yourself some more slack, let go of the expectations you’ve had, and get back into the flow of life.

We love you so much, dear human, and we hope this insight will give you more clarity and help to free yourself of those limiting thoughts and feelings that we know you rather not have.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for now.

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