Feeling Happy, When Will You Really Start Experiencing It?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, June 21, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are delighted to be with you again, and we always look forward to sharing some of the Divine Wisdom with you. We know that many of you ask among yourselves: How long? How long will it take before we experience being happy?

How long before we will see peace? How long till we are no longer dominated by governments that are warlike, revengeful and dangerous to the people?

Counter question

We understand why you ask that question, but we would like to counter that with another question: How long until you start seeing that you have everything you need already available to you? How long until you start experiencing your paradise, your Heaven on Earth, by letting go of all the resistance and stories that you tag along every day?

We say this without judgment, we have no judgment whatsoever about you or your beliefs, or how you live your life. We just want to show you that it’s in your own hands, to feel happy, free, prosperous and abundant.

Nobody can give that to you. Nobody can do anything to make you happy, to make you feel comfortable, or to give you peace of mind. You, and only you, are capable of doing that.

Newlyweds and expectations

newlywedsWe often times see it with newlyweds. They’ve had a certain time of courting, then they get engaged and then they get married. And like in many romantic stories, they often assume that the wedding day is the start of their ‘living happily ever after’, and then comes the shock.

The arguments, the getting to know a different side of their spouse. And they start to feel disappointed. Because suddenly they realize that their spouse isn’t exactly what they thought they were.

Maybe he or she has certain habits that they never saw before, maybe their spouse says things they’ve never heard that way, or have traits they weren’t aware of.

Of course, this doesn’t happen to every newly wed couple, but we do see it happen often.

And then the frustration starts. And the resistance, sometimes even resentment.

Happiness comes from within

But what has actually changed? In most cases nothing really changed, it was their expectation of a life after signing the marriage certificate. Because many people expect that they will start to feel complete and happy after the wedding.

And that is exactly our point: nobody can make you happy, if you yourself don’t make you happy. You have to feel worthy, you have to be happy with yourself, and if you aren’t, you will feel unhappy no matter what happens in your life, or around you in your world.

You will have to work to start seeing your value, to start and see what the things are that make you happy from within you, not from outside of you. Because happiness that is only gained from the things outside of you, is always superficial. It isn’t true happiness.

Something to work on

When you all of a sudden would have a large amount of money, you might think from where you’re at right now, that you then will be happy. But as soon as you have that large sum of money, you will start to fear losing it. That is what happens to most people.

Again, the happiness for receiving the money, will not last very long. Because it’s a happiness that doesn’t come from your core, from your Soul.

happy from insideSo you have to start finding the happiness from within you, by acknowledging who you really are, by remembering your worthiness, by allowing to receive love for yourself from yourself.

And that, our dear human, is something you have to learn, you have to strive for, work on. Say “I love you” to yourself, say it in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and feel the love for yourself.

You are worthy

Forgive yourself for anything you did in the past that you’re ashamed of, or disapprove of. You are worth of being loved, by yourself, by anyone else, and you certainly already are deeply and unconditionally loved by Source.

Well, that is our lesson for you today. Find happiness, freedom, abundance in yourself, and you will no longer need the world to adjust in order for you to become happy. You have everything you need already within reach, because it’s inside of yourself.

And with that we will leave you for today. We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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