How to Get Back to Feeling Joy and Happiness?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, June 20, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day indeed. We are so happy to be with you and we would love to speak with you about joy and happiness, about pleasure and fun.

The effect of joy and happiness on your life

joy and happiness can make you sing and dance againBecause those are the things that will help you explore your world, those are the things that make your life easier and more effortless, without all the struggles and worries.

When you are in a state of joy and happiness, you feel lighter, you feel more loving, you are able to sing and dance again.

We know that some of you have become very cynical, due to previous experiences in their lives, and some still are going through certain difficulties.

We understand that for those it might not be so easy to step into joy and happiness, and forget about their worries.

However, it is definitely very well possible to step out of worries and sorrow, no matter the circumstances you find yourself in in your life.

You can choose

Did you ever had a terrible headache, or some other physical pain, and when you watched a funny movie to distract yourself you forgot your pain for a while?

Or someone called you and you had a lovely conversation where you laughed out loud, and suddenly it struck you that you didn’t feel your pain?

Or maybe when you are feeling miserable, and you put on some uplifting music, you notice that you feel better and not so troubled anymore?

There are ways to get your mind off of things that hold you down, and deliberately step into a lighter mood, leaving the heavy thoughts and even physical pain for a while.

It’s not as hard as you might think, and we tell you that it’s more of a choice that you can make than anything else.

You can decide to step into a different mindset, you can decide to feel lighter feelings. It’s a choice you have, whether you know it, or believe, it or not.

So, whenever you feel sad, distraught, hurt, or angry, frustrated or fearful, don’t let it overtake your mind.

Become more consciousness of the choices you have, become aware that you have other options.

How to get back to joy and happiness?

laughing is healing in every wayWatch something to lighten you up, like a funny movie, or read a book, put on some music and listen to songs that you normally listen to when you’re happy.

You will feel your mood shifting. And you may not feel instantly joyful or happy, but you will sense that things change in how you feel and what you think.

It will help you step out of the darkness that occupies your mind.

Try it, and see for yourself, that when you step back into joy and happiness, your world will change.

Your problems may not directly fade away, but when you look at them from a different angle, coming from a place of more joy and happiness, your whole perception of it will change.

And the best part is: that will change your world!

Just try it! It’s all in your hands, you have the power to feel whatever you want, to experience whatever you wish.

Explore how you feel and play with your emotions

We love you dearly, dear human, and we would want you to explore your feelings. Not deny them, but just play with the possibilities that are here for you.

There is a time for sadness, there is a time for anger, these emotions all have their meaning and usually contain messages for you.

And often times the message is to let go, to release whatever it is you’re holding on to, and step back in your natural state, the state of joy and happiness, of fun and laughter, of loving life.

That is what you came here for, to this physical world.

We hope this will help when you’re feeling a bit under the weather, either physically or mentally.

We love you, we love you, we love you.

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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