Master or Slave of Your Thoughts, What Are You?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day. We are so happy to be with you, to speak about being present, being in the now,  and being the master of your thoughts again.

Have you tried lately, to be fully present? Have you done your part of the work, to be in the now-moment and in control of your thoughts?

Remember, we never judge anyone, so if your answer is ‘no’ or ‘not as much as I wanted to’, we are not judging you.

We have unconditional love for each and everyone of you, because we are you, you are us, we’re all One. We and you are all Source, and we are all God.

Even though you don’t understand, or maybe not even like the idea of being God. It may go against everything you believe, your religious beliefs, or whatever convictions you’ve had for so long.

We don’t mind, and frankly we don’t care, what you believe right now. We are just telling you the Truth, how it really is, and who you really are. No matter your thoughts or feelings about it.

Are you a slave of your thoughts?Are you a slave of your thoughts?

So, about being a master, or being present in the now… we know that it’s sometimes hard for a human being to stop your thoughts, because distractions are everywhere, and your mind keeps you busy thinking all the time.

What is to be gained from being present and being a master of your thoughts? Well, everything!

Your whole life experience could change, if only you started to train yourself to be present, be in the now-moment, be still and quiet in your mind, and just think nothing, or as least as possible.

We are not saying that thinking is bad, not at all. Thinking is a wonderful thing, and your thinking mind has a profound purpose, but it has taken over of you!

You have become a slave of your thoughts, instead of you being the master of your thoughts!

Be the Master that you are

Work on becoming the master again, because you have it in you, you are a Master!

You’re a divine being, and it was your choice to listen to your thoughts, believing they’re always telling the truth, which they’re not.

take back control, be the MasterAllow yourself to wake up again, and take charge again.

Take control of your thoughts, and become the masterful leader of everything that goes on inside your mind.

We assure you, it’s simple, it just needs a little practice, because you’ve become so rusty in your mastering of thoughts.

An easy way to achieve mastery

So, what is the best approach? Start meditating!

Go sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes, become aware of the rhythm of your breathing, and go inward, into the quiet of your mind.

It is there, it is in that vast darkness that you see when you close your eyes.

That is where your Presence is, that is where your Power is, that is where the God that you are resides.

That is the place where you go, whenever you need answers, whenever you feel troubled. Go within, into the silence, the quietness.

And any thought that tries to distract you, you welcome, thank, and then let go. Acknowledge them being there, tell them to come back later, then dismiss the thoughts.

Don’t try to deny their being there, just acknowledge that they’re there, thank and dismiss, and turn back into the quietness and be present, in the now-moment.

meditationRecipe to being present…

Close your eyes and relax. Feel your body, feel your face, feel your neck, your throat, your shoulders, your arms, your elbows, your wrists, your hands, your fingers, your fingertips….

Then feel your torso, your breast going up and down while you take breaths in and out, feel the back of your shoulders, your upper back, your spine, your lower back, your buttocks.

Feel your belly, and go down to your pelvis, your hips, your thighs, your knees, calves, shins, ankles, feet, toes, the soles of your feet…

Feel whatever it is you’re sitting on, feel the fabric or the material it is made of. Feel if it’s soft or hard, cold or warm, become aware of whatever your skin is feeling, and be present with it, be in the now.

Don’t let your thoughts judge any of it. Just be… be present… in the now… be… just be.

…and changing your reality

That is the way to change your world, that is the way to experience true peace and harmony by going inward, instead of looking outside of you!

Practice this, every day, preferably twice or three times a day, if only for 5 minutes at a time, and you will become the Master of your thoughts again!

We love you dear human, and we are thrilled seeing your progress. We always see you as the Master that you are. It’s time for you to see it again too!

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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