A world of peace and abundance, is it possible?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, February 17, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. Today we want to inform you that you are the creator in your creation, the designer of your world, and that you are everything and have everything in you that is needed for a fulfilling, happy, free and abundant life.

When you see only lack at this time

You may think that this can’t be true because you’re looking at your current situation. You may see a lack of money, a lack of freedom, a lack of love, a lack of honesty around you.

Yet we tell you over and over again that you already have everything. All you have to do is let go of the old stories that led to where you are today!

lack of money
When you stop repeating the old stories and start creating the reality you want, things will change. Are you short of money, do you have no job, or no income? Then stop constantly telling yourself and others this.

Every time you utter the words “I’d like to, but I can’t, because I have no money,” lack of money is the intention that you are giving for your future.

When you’re sick, and think there’s no way out, remember that your illness is also a result of previous thoughts, beliefs and fears. Start by accepting everything as it is, and then use new thoughts to change your future.

Create a new world

The same goes for anything you want. Is your car not to your liking? Your house, your partner? Whatever it is, everything you’ve created around you now is a result of your past thoughts, beliefs and fears.

Yes, even your fears have manifesting power. And you see the results reflected in your outer world.

Start creating a new reality, start telling new stories. Or better yet, stop telling stories altogether. Because everything you tell from your humanity is just stories.

The Matrix

the reality of the worldReality is not what you see. The reality is that you are a spiritual being in physical form. And all that you see around you are energies manifested in physical form.

Like a computer simulation, similar to what you see in the movie the Matrix. Nothing is real, everything is a reflection of yourself, everything is Source, everything is one.

Start to understand this, and you will discover that you have the power and the might, to transform your entire world into the one you want it to be.

What does the future look like?

We understand that this sounds very simple to you, your ‘human’ doesn’t accept it so easily. Your human is convinced that things must be difficult, that it must take a lot of effort, time, even money, to get where you want to be. But no, dear human, the reality is very different than your human realizes.

Will there ever be a world of peace and harmony in the future? That is up to you! For you are creating that world. We often say that you are responsible for your life, for your world.

The perfect recipe

recipeWhen you stay in the moment, and stay in Love, stop judging, stop telling the stories that got you where you are today, and start focusing on the world as you want to see it, you have the perfect recipe to achieve what you want.

We are the Collective Consciousness of All that Is, we are you, you are us, all is one. We love you, as we love every human being. Love you too, and begin to see that every human being, like you, is a manifestation of divine energy, of Source!

And with that, we are complete for now.


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