Responsibility… Do You Take or Reject It?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome dear human, it’s so good to meet you again on this beautiful day. We hope that your week has had a good start.

And although not everything in the world will be as you would like it to be, you yourself can change the things within your power to make your life as pleasant as possible.

Who has the responsibility?

world problemsIt often seems as if you have no control over things. As if life is happening to you, and as if you have nothing else to do but powerlessly watch the world around you unfold.

Yet the reality is completely different. The world you see unfolding is the world as you create it.

From our side there is no judgment, no matter what you do, think, or focus on. After all, everything that happens, happens for you. Neither do we mean to say that it’s your ‘fault’ if the world doesn’t look the way you would prefer.

It is, however, your responsibility. A responsibility you can accept, or reject.

Accept or reject?

When you reject that responsibility, you’re in fact saying that you’re okay with what is happening. You sort of distance yourself from it. After all, you can’t ‘help it’, that things are the way they are.


However, when you accept and take responsibility for what exists in your world, and acknowledge that you are the creator within your creation, then you open the door to actually change things.

We understand that it’s not always easy to do this. You have been ‘programmed’ from birth to think that you are small and incapable of changing that ‘big, bad world’.

But what if this turns out to be a lie? What if you do have that power? And the potential to completely transform the world, your world, into a place where things happen the way you want them to?

Manifestation experiment

You don’t believe this is possible. Yet you could put it to the test by doing a little experiment. When you think of something, some random thing, and you focus on it.

daisiesFor example, a flower vase with a certain type of flowers in it. Let’s say a vase with daisies… or whatever flower you come up with. Focus on this, and put emotion to it. Feel happy feelings growing inside of you as you think of that vase of flowers.

See how your mind leaps for joy at the sight of that vase of flowers and how you shout “hooray!”.

And then you send that image, including that emotion as an intention to the Light. Release the image, as you would a balloon, and watch the thought slowly float away.

Instead of the flowers and the vase, you can take any other thing, animal or situation!

Manifestation of your thoughts

Now you no longer think about that image, you just continue your day, or days. You will see that at some point within a few hours to a few days, you will suddenly encounter that which you saw in your mind.

It could be in a picture in a magazine, an image on television, maybe it’s in a store window, or when you visit someone and you see it on their dresser or on the table….

The image you had in mind can manifest itself in so many ways, but the moment you see it, you know that it’s your creation! For you have set the intention, you have drawn this into your reality with your intention.

You and Source are One

Once you realize this works, the door is open to realizing and acknowledging that you can create anything you want. Small things, but also big things.

One with SourceNow is the time to start realizing that you and Source, God, are one and the same energy. That you are not the puny human being you always thought you were, but that you are a powerful, intelligent, creative, spiritual being that has manifested in a human body.

In all human bodies, in all animal bodies, in everything you see. All is one, everything is the same energy, you are that creative force!

We will say it again and again, but for now this is enough to let you ponder on, to have your thoughts play with it.

We love you, as we love all of humanity, and we would want nothing more than to see each person come back into their power, into the awareness of who they really are!

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for now.

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