You Create Your World, You Are the Change You Seek


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, December 14, 2021 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful, new day. We are so pleased to see you again and we can hardly wait to share with you how the situation in the world is developing.

Waiting for rescue?

rescueWe know that you’re waiting for messages of arrests in the news reports, that those ‘responsible’ will be arrested, and that justice will be served for the suffering inflicted on you and your fellow human beings over the past two years. We understand that, and from your human point of view, it is logical for you to think that way.

However, the world is just so different from what you can see or even imagine. We’ve said it before, that your world is an illusion. That everything is energy and consists of energy waves. And the energy on Earth is changing. More people are waking up to what your reality actually is.

More people are realizing that they are in control of what happens in the world. To our previous message some responded that we are directing you to ‘do nothing’, as if we were telling you to sit passively and wait to ‘be rescued’. But that is not at all what we say!

Be conscious of what you create

What we say is that you shouldn’t fight against that which you don’t want. Because in doing so you confirm and perpetuate what you don’t want. You make it stronger, you give your power to it, you create more of it.

The right action you should take, is to shift your focus to what you do want. Focus on the things you like, things you enjoy, and keep your vibration high.

But to give more clarity about this, we will explain to you what exactly it means to keep your ‘vibration high’.

What is your frequency?

You can measure this, how it is with your vibration, or energetic frequency. By feeling how you feel. That sounds simple, and it is. How do you feel now? Listen closely to what thoughts you have, what are you thinking about? And how does that feel in your body?

If you can’t do it this way, think of something you’re afraid of, or that makes you angry… Think of something you consider unjust. How does it feel? Do you feel your stomach contract, do you feel your thoughts getting more upset, does your face turn grim? All of that goes automatic. That is what lowers your vibration.

kittenNow do the opposite for a moment: think of an animal, a kitten or a puppy for example, and picture it going running and bouncing around like crazy as it explores how its world works. A kitten can play with a ball of wool, or a ball, or run after a laser pointer light. Can you picture this?

There are countless videos on the internet where you can watch this kind of funny images. It makes your mouth curl up, it makes you smile, and at some point you might laugh out loud. Your mind is busy with something nice, you may see your own pet again in your mind when he was little.

Or it makes you think of whenever you’ve seen children play. Your thoughts focus on things you like or things that are funny, or that you otherwise experience as positive.

You create with your energy, with your vibration

you createDo you see that in those moments there is no room at all for negative thoughts? That is the energy with which you change worlds! By focusing on that which raises your vibration.

And if you start thinking, being in that vibration, of things you want: a more beautiful world, your family together in harmony, your children who make you happy when you see them, politics with people that do have your best interest at heart, energy sources fairly distributed over the world’s population, enough food for everyone… if you focus on such things and think of them from the higher vibration, that’s what you create.

And for that you don’t have to remain passive, you can be the beginning of these changes yourself. By living what you wish for, by doing it yourself. Do you want more harmony with other people? Then start radiating harmony, stop criticizing people, even if it’s just in your mind, and see the beauty in the people around you and the people you meet.

Together you’re strong, bundle energy and vibration

crowd of peopleConnect with other people, the more people are together, come together, the higher you can raise the vibration. Bundled energy is so powerful! You also see this in peaceful demonstrations. It makes people happy, they feel connected to each other.

And while demonstrations have little effect on political leaders, they do raise your vibration. Provided that you focus on what you want, and not on what you don’t want.

We hope this has given you some practical guidance, so that you better understand what we mean when we say not to fight, to get out of that resistance. You create the world you live in.

Without blame or judgment, we want to encourage you to feel more responsible for what is going on in your world. Because you hold the key to make sure it changes. And you don’t do it alone, rest assured. You do it together with millions of others worldwide, who are co-creating with you.

Together you’re one, as we are one with you. We are you, you are us, ALL is ONE.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for now.

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