What Is Your Life’s Purpose?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, January 6, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are happy to speak with you again. Each time we pass on our message for you, we are delighted when you actually come to read or hear what we have to tell you.

On this new day we want to talk about your purpose, the reason why you’re here on earth. And why at this very moment.

Experiencing from up close what you knew was about to happen

We’ve said it before, that you absolutely wanted to be here now. You were standing up front, you wanted to witness it, taste the action up close, feel it, experience it in every fiber of your human form and know that what you have known for centuries was going to happen, is now actually happening.

fearful and smallOh yes, we know that for you as a human being at this time it is sometimes unbearably exciting, scary even, and that you have no idea anymore of the knowledge that you have in your original form, as a spiritual being without a physical body.

As a human being you feel small, you have the idea that there is nothing you can do, that you are at the mercy of powers and forces outside of you.

The purpose why you’re here

But nothing could be further from the truth, dear human! The strength and power that you possess in your spiritual form, you have taken with you. But you have forgotten!

And that is the reason why all these things are happening in your life right now. So that you will discover how strong you are, how powerful you still are as a human being.

That you have the power to change your world, with your thoughts, with what you focus on. That is your goal, the awakening, the discovery of who you really are.

And then using that knowledge to enjoy the rest of your life creating, living life to the fullest, free of fear, not stuck in patterns that keep you imprisoned and chained in limitations, things you ‘must’ do…

No, ultimately you will live your life as a free, sovereign and powerful spiritual being in a human body. And don’t let anyone try to make you think otherwise, because you will see that there are many people who try to do that

Experience your strength, discover your power

your purpose: awakeningStand in your power, resist the negativity of others, by focusing on your strength, on your power, on the Love that is within you for everything that exists. Yes, even for that which you now label as ‘bad’.

That too has a purpose, and it has helped you to slowly open your eyes, to see new possibilities, to recognize that there is more than you could see before, or than you wanted to see.

What you now refer to as ‘bad’ contributed to that. It was your wake up call! And many, many more people will awaken in the time to come, and you will all discover that you are one with Source, that you are all divine beings.

And you will begin to connect, as you have long been connected on a spiritual level. That will also begin to develop in your present incarnation, you will begin to experience how everything is one.

There’s no going back, the old has gone

And nothing can stop that now. The shift has happened, the great change has begun.

In the end, everything is exactly as it should be, and the things that happen, happen for you. Always. Be always aware of that. There is nothing working against you, no matter how much it may seem otherwise.

Trust your own power, trust the deepest knowing that resides within you. Discover it, search for it, listen to that very soft, inner voice, which is always there and always has been, but which you could rarely hear, because you were so busy ‘thinking’.

Search and find your True Self in the silence

Turn off that thinking machine. You don’t need it anymore. Yes, once in a while you will need to think about something.

discover your true selfBut the compulsive ‘thinking’ that keeps your brain busy in an unlimited stream of endless thoughts about things that have been said, that have happened, that are about to happen, that you want to say, that you want to do…

There is no end to it if you don’t clearly STOP it yourself. So do that. Stop that stream of thoughts, and start listening to that soft voice inside of you. That voice is your True Self.

That voice is your inner Knowing. And once you discover it, the world will open up so much further for you.

You are here for one purpose: to discover who you are. And you are almost there!

We are The Wisdom and we are here to help you on that journey of discovery.

And with that, we are complete for now.

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