Separation, the Perfect Illusion


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, March 3, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear reader, thank you for taking the time to read our message. Our messages are always meant to make you feel better, to experience more love and less separation. To grow in who you are and in the knowledge of who you really are.

You are infinite

infiniteEvery human being is a beacon of Light, yet not all people realize this. Many are still stuck in their belief that they are just a physical human of flesh and blood, and that when they die, that’s the end.

We’re here to tell you that you are much more than that. That you’re a spiritual being, a being without beginning and without end, that you come from the non-physical world, and that you’ve focused yourself only temporarily into this physical reality.


You wanted to experience what it’s like to live in a dualistic world, a world of limitations, lack and separation.

You wanted to know how it would feel to experience emotions other than just love. This may sound strange, but it’s also exactly why people go looking for extremes.

adrenaline, emotionsWhy would someone go skydiving? Why would someone climb Mount Everest? It’s always about the kick, about experiencing certain emotions, about the adrenaline rushing through your body.

Why do you go on vacation? You’re always looking to feel emotions, physical effects of what you see and experience, on your body.

And you draw energy from that. A mountain hike is tiring, but when you’ve done it and you’re sitting on your hotel bed, tired, after you’ve returned, it gives you a satisfaction which is the very reason why you did the mountain hike.

Illusion of separation

You don’t do all this consciously from your humanness, but for who you really are, this is indeed a conscious choice.

You, who you really are, want to have as many different experiences as possible on this planet, in this human form that you now have.

separationSeparation is the perfect illusion, which makes you think that you are separate from everything and everyone around you. That is why you can experience all these different emotions.

However, because you have forgotten this as a human being, you remain stuck in the density of the lower vibrations. That makes you look at war and misery from a perspective of separation and not from a perspective of a higher vibration.

Raise your vibration

As soon as you raise your vibration, and start looking at things from the perspective of the Love that you really are, you will start to see things in a completely different way.

From the density of the low frequencies, all suffering is terrible and makes you angry, sad, possibly even vengeful. This is normal and understandable.

However, you are much more than you think, and by raising your vibration, which we explained earlier, you can see more and understand better why things are the way they are.

And you can start to see that nothing happens that’s not intended!

Stop judging

Do not get entangled in judgements about who is right or wrong in the war that is now unfolding. That’s what pulls you down, that lowers your vibration, and then you end up in the endless loop of separation, lack and limitation.

Raise your vibration, and trust that situations are as they should be, it doesn’t matter who the aggressor is and who the victim.

The current situation happens because it generates new situations. And these, in turn, bring forth things that you need. Of which you cannot see the purpose or usefulness yet!

Only love

send loveKeep sending love to every human being, including those who are waging war, and those whom you look upon as ‘bad’ from your humanness. Only love can help you, mentally, to rise from this state.

As long as you remain in the low vibrations and in judgment, you will feel unhappy and powerless. That’s not who you are! You are so powerful that you can change the whole world, because it’s your creation.

Open your eyes

The day will come that you will realize this, and until then, we’ll keep reminding you. You are Source, you are God, you are eternal, infinite, focused in the physical form of a human body.

Everything is one, no matter how much you think the opposite. The separation you experience, the lack and the limitations you experience, are all illusions, which you have chosen to experience.

However, it’s never been the intention that you remain stuck in them. You may open your figurative eyes and re-open to Love, to abundance, to all that you really are.

We are The Wisdom, we love you and we want to help you see who you really are.

And with that, we are complete for today.

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