Why Is Being In the NOW so Important?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, January 13, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, how nice to speak with you again on this beautiful day. What can we tell you today to help you see life as lighter and more enjoyable?

happinessAs we have indicated several times already, it’s important to be in the higher vibration, by doing the things that you like, that make you happy and joyful. From that higher vibration you can shape your world.

What if you don’t feel happy?

You have to understand that your thoughts are the triggers for your emotions, and how you feel then determines what vibration you are in. When you find yourself feeling uncomfortable, moody, gloomy, or worse, maybe even depressed, angry or unhappy, the origin for this is always in your thoughts.

In those cases it is important to question yourself: ‘what am I actually thinking?’ What are the thoughts that are going around in your head that make you feel uncomfortable?

What is being in the now?

An important exercise to find out, is by being in the now. Look around you, and use all of your senses to feel what being in the now is like.

Everything you see, hear, smell, feel and/or taste reflects where you are in this moment. And that way you can experience what this moment is like for you. Are you sitting on the couch, on a chair, or standing behind a workbench, a kitchen counter, or are you in a store and have a shopping basket in your hands?

When you are in the now, you’re aware of the things in your immediate environment. Of everything that your senses transmit. And that’s what you focus on.

The illusions of past and future

And when you’re in the moment, you will soon notice that there’s no room for your thoughts to be elsewhere. Because as soon as your mind wanders off… you are no longer in the now!

not in the nowThen you’re either in the past, or in the future. Both are illusions. The past is a now-moment that has been, it is no more. And the future is a now-moment that is yet to come, which will undoubtedly look different from what you can think of in your mind.

So you’ll have to focus on the now. And any thought that distracts from the now-moment, you kindly reject. And you stay focused on the moment that is actually now.

Play with this, start practicing with this.

Become the master of your ego

Why is the ‘now’, being in the moment, so important? Because nothing else exists. Your ego, your thinking machine, doesn’t want to be in the now. It constantly tries to get you to go elsewhere with distracting thoughts. In the now-moment there’s no room for the ego, at least, much less room.

And the ego is always afraid of disappearing into nothingness, of not being recognized, of ceasing to exist. That is why your thoughts are so often in the past or in the future and not in the moment!

egoAnd when you don’t take back control over your thoughts, your thinking machine, your ego, you have become a slave to your ego. Then it’s your ego that calls the shots, and you are at the mercy of the random thoughts, fears, frustrations, etc. that the ego throws at you to keep you busy, and especially to keep you out of the now.

As soon as you recognize this and start working with it, you’ll see that you start to feel better. That choosing better thoughts gets easy, and that the ego thoughts become less frequent, less intrusive and with much less influence on your daily life.

That’s why we always say that you have to be in the now.

Silence your thoughts and listen

We hope that we’ve been able to give you some tools to make your life a bit lighter and more fun.

We love you, as we love all of humanity. We are always here for you, and you can always ask us questions yourself. When you quiet your thoughts, you will be able to hear us through your inner voice.

Every human being is a channel, for the inner wisdom that is already stored in every human being. We are you, you are us, all is one, all is Source.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for today.

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