Truth, What Is Really True?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, August 23, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this wonderful day indeed. We are happy as always to be with you again, and the topic of today’s message will be Truth.

When you do you believe something? When is something true for you? And when is something a hard Truth?

What is Truth?

Truth or not?According to one dictionary “Truth means the actual state of a matter, an adherence to reality, or an indisputable fact. So truth is something that’s a hard fact, there is nothing to be brought against it.

But you have to acknowledge that not everything you consider a truth, is in fact really true.

For instance the world you live in. We’ve said many times that your world is a hologram, an illusion, but still you look at it, and see your world, as something that’s true. You dispute the Truth of it being an illusion, not real.

So, there you go, the discrepancies between what you feel is true, and what really is true.

So how do you determine whether something is true or not? Your gut feeling isn’t always the best lead for that. You have to do more, or better said: look further than that.

Truth in the third dimension

Truth can be found in the higher vibrations. As long as you stick to the vibration of judgment, suffering, looking outside of you, trying to figure things out the hows and the whys, you’ll never find the Truth!

The reality of things cannot, and can never, be seen from within the third dimension. At best you’ll get a glimpse of it, but you’ll never see the full glory of what is really there.

As we’ve explained earlier in other messages, the third dimension is the dimension of judgment, of separation, of lack, of limitation, of suffering, of opposites.

The third dimension is a mental state where everything is either black or white, there’s love or hate, there’s happiness or pain. That is the reality of the third dimension, and from that state it’s impossible to see the Truth!

Go to the higher dimensions

raise your vibrationYou have to lift yourself up, higher, above the things you think are real in that third dimension.

When you go higher, raise your vibration, you’ll rise above the separation, above the lack and limitation, above the suffering, and you’ll get to see the reality.

You’ll get to see that it’s all fake, that there is no separation, that there is no lack, no suffering, no limitation.

You cannot, and never will, see this as long as you stay in the lower vibration!

To raise your vibration, all you have to do is focus on the things you love, do the things that make you feel happy. Happy feelings are in, and come from, a higher vibration!

Shift your focus

So as long as you stay in the thoughts and emotions of feeling bad, focusing on problems, on animals getting hurt, people getting hurt, feeling sorry for the planet, and anything and everything that is going on in what you perceive as ‘the real world’, you will never see the Truth of what is going on.

shift your focusAnd we wish for you to open your eyes, to raise your vibration, to come out of the darkness of the third dimension, and start to look around you with eyes that are able to see the Truth, the reality of the illusion.

You can do that, but you have to make the effort to raise your vibration! That is all there is to it.

Truth is within reach, for all of you, just open your figurative eyes, open your heart, and above all: stop focusing on the things you perceive as ‘bad’, move your focus to the things you love and keep your focus there!

Focus on happy and healthy, instead of disturbed, tired, depressed, sad, mad etc.

Pure, divine love is all there is

Start to see that there is only love! LOVE is the TRUTH!

Feel the difference in your own body when you make that shift, and you’ll be surprised!

We love you, dear human, and we cannot say it often enough, that it is time for you to learn and see the Truth. The Truth about who you are, and the Truth about the world you live in!

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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