A New Year, What Will You Do With It?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, January 4, 2022 - 10:00 am

new yearWelcome, welcome, dear human on this new day in a new year. Even though time and space doesn’t exist on our side, we realize very well that you experience this in your humanness. A new year, again 365 days to fill with plans, ideas, projects, and whatever you can think of to do in this new year.

Above all, we want you to deeply know that you always have a choice. At the beginning of the year everything seems to be so open, and after only a few weeks you are back in the middle of business as usual, as if there never had been a new beginning.

A new year throughout the year

Do it differently this year! Hold tight to that feeling of ‘it’s a new year of endless possibilities’. A new year has started, a blank year in which so many things can happen that you have no idea of yet.

In the end life is so much more than days on a calendar or in an agenda. Every breath you take is your life. And every year you have many breaths to go.

Be careful with the plans you make today. Don’t stuff the year with things that are of no value. Make sure you fill your days with things that satisfy you, with things that help you to live from a higher vibrational frequency.

What do you need to do to get out of the fear?

Make sure you have fun every day, that you laugh, that you enjoy. No matter what is happening around you or whatever is happening in the world.

Seen from the lower vibrations, it seems as if there’s no way out, as if everything is dark and fearful, but rise above this and see how you yourself are in control of how you feel about it. You control what to think of situations, whether you think of them at all.

listen to musicKeep yourself busy with the things that make you happy. Someone asked us for handles to know how to get out of the fear, and we keep saying that getting out of the fear means to be in a higher frequency.

Listen to music that gives you a happy feeling, read books that touch you positively, watch movies that make you laugh, go for walks, go into nature. Fear is a state of mind that you can overwrite with other thoughts. You choose your thoughts.

You determine what you think!

thoughtsYou think that this isn’t the case, that your thoughts are just there and that you have no choice in which thoughts you think. Well, you definitely do have that choice. Thoughts that trigger fear can be dismissed. Tell such thoughts “thank you, I appreciate you wanting to warn me for everything that’s scary and dangerous, but from now on I choose to handle it differently”.

Fear is what evil feeds on. And that also goes for the fear of ‘demons’. The devil and demons as beings that want to seduce you and turn you from God, have been invented by people to distract you from who you really are.

You may and you can communicate with us, we even encourage you to do so. But if you’re afraid, if you think that communication with us opens you for ‘demons’, you’ll never discover your own power, let alone experience it.

Ask yourself: is the message one of Light and Love? Can a devil or demons consistently spread Light and Love? Get out of that fear, and start realizing that religions have been working for centuries to distract people from their greatness.

You are one with the Source, with God

Once you realize who you really are, that you are a deity in your own right, and that you are the creator of your world, then religions, governments, and anyone else who wants to exercise power over you will have lost their power!

You are a divine, sovereign being, a spiritual being, coming from the Light, and nobody, no devil, no demon, no human can change a thing about this! The sooner you can embrace and allow this in your life, the faster you’re free from the slavery of fear, lack and limitations!

You have the choice to let go of fear and to start living, and nobody else can do this for you. We wish you a wonderful, free and happy new year!

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for today.

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