The Future… Is There Still Hope?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, December 7, 2021 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome dear human, welcome on this wonderful new day. We are happy to meet you here again and we hope and wish that you have and hold faith in the future.

A future that looks much brighter than you can see from your human point of view. And we would like to share our vision for that future with you, so that your hope is based on knowing, instead of hot air.

You are always safe

you are safeYou might think, based on what is going on around you, that your future isn’t certain anymore. That you’re unsafe, that your life might even be in danger.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Your life has never been in danger. From a human point of view you might have or have had that feeling or idea, but in reality you are never in danger.

You must understand that you have an everlasting life. No, not in this specific body. But who you are in reality, that which resides in your body, your soul, Source, Source Energy, lives forever and will never die.

That you’re here now, was a conscious choice

What does this mean for you now, while you are living as a human being in this body? It means that you can trust that even if your body would die, that it’s nothing more than a transition back to where you came from.

And we assure you, that you will not go any sooner than you’ve determined yourself. Not with your human brain, your brain isn’t that powerful at all, but you’ve determined this before you focused your energy, your being, onto the earth to reside in this body during your earthly existence.

And this isn’t your first earthly existence. You’ve already had many more. And time and time again, no matter what you experience, you return and you want to be on earth again.

amusement parkSeen from our side, the earth is a kind of playground, an amusement park. A place to experience new things, where there is excitement and sensation, a place where your help is also needed to assist others in discovering who they are.

And if you haven’t discovered this yourself, it’s every time again a journey towards that discovery.

You are an infinite spiritual being, who has deliberately chosen a life now, in this moment, knowing what kind of circumstances would prevail now. You have been at the forefront to be allowed and able to be here!

Life on earth is a play

When you read our previous messages, and let them sink in, you will slowly start to see how beautifully everything is put together. You are the protagonist in your film, the star actor in a play that is unparalleled. And every human, everything that is on the earth, is a part of that. Everything plays along in the game.

And now is the time for you to realize that, to understand that nothing is real, everything is an illusion!

What does the future look like?

futureGood, let’s go back to your future. As we already said, it looks a lot rosier than you can see now. Beautiful things are unfolding, there’s a new energy on the earth that is expanding. An energy of connection, of togetherness, of cooperation.

That energy will take over, and ultimately ensure that the world is a harmonious place, coming from that new energy. You are a small part of this, to make this happen. Therefore, stay in positive energy, keep your thoughts positive, and don’t get caught up any longer in negativity.

You are a creator and co-creator in this world. And you create with your thoughts and emotions, every moment of the day, always. So be aware of your thoughts, and focus on what you want.

Everything goes the way it should go

The world is a playground, and the most beautiful place in the universe to reside in as a human being. It’s not without reason that you’re here. Make the most of it, get the most out of it, and have faith that everything will go the way it’s supposed to, now and in the future.

You are safe, no matter what happens in that world that appears to be outside of you. All is well, and it always has been.

ask in silenceTrust this. And know that from the other side we are beside you, with every step you take, every breath you take. We are always here, and we’re always available to you to ask us questions. You may ask your questions in silence inside yourself, or below in the comments.

We might answer your questions in a next message, when we think it’s relevant for others too.

We are The Wisdom, and we love you and all of humanity, because we are you, you are us. All is one, and all is Love.

And with that we are complete for this moment.

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