Are You More Powerful and Stronger Than You Know?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, December 2, 2021 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear reader, we’re happy to share some things with you again. Although it’s not always easy for you as a human being to comprehend what we’re telling, we try our very best every time again to show you that you are much more powerful and so much stronger than you know.

You forgot who you are

You’ve once chosen to live in this moment in time. To be in this time, exactly at this moment, in the physical life and to experience what you now experience. You may think it’s all bad and miserable, but you always have a choice to get into a better state of mind.

You drive your state of mind with your thoughts, you decide what you think and what you give your attention to.

laser The problem is, that you forgot who you really are. That you’re a spiritual being that focused itself onto the earth. With utter, laser-sharp precision you decided to be in this body, in this time, and in this place.

You probably think ‘I would rather not have been here, now it’s so difficult’, but in what you see as ‘difficult’, lie the challenges and possibilities for exponential growth! For growing in knowledge about yourself, and not your ‘self’ as the human that you are, but that what’s inside of you. You are a divine being, a sparkle of Source, God.

Take back the power over your life

It’s the religions that have made you no longer believe this in your earthly existence. They have separated you from the reality of who you are. But also the religions have always known that in the present time, this turbulent time, humanity would awaken.

religionEvery day more people awaken to the reality of who they really are. They are going to see that all along they have given away their power, put it outside of themselves, handed it over to so-called authorities, governments, religious leaders, teachers, gurus…while it has been inside you all along.

YOU are the creator of your universe, you are the one creating your world, with your thoughts, with your attitude, with your beliefs, with your emotions.

Return to the power that lies within you

And that is where the key lies to a better world, to paradise on earth. Change your attitude, discard beliefs that are no longer helpful or beneficial to you, and think new things, new thinking patterns, go back to what you really are: pure Love. And then you’ll find the creative powers that you possess again.

We understand so well that it’s incomprehensible to your human brain when you’re still so far from remembering who you really are, but you don’t have to believe it. You can experience it yourself.

By looking into your emotions, by seeing what happens when you feel bad, and what happens inside and around you, when you feel good. Play with that, and discover who you really are: a sparkle of All that Is! Indeed… we are you, you are us, all is One.

power strongPlay with energy

Who you really are is so much bigger than just ‘the human being’ you see in the mirror. There are unlimited possibilities open to you to create new experiences, see new possibilities, opportunities to improve your own life and the world around you.

We’ve said it before that there is nothing outside of you. Everything you perceive with your physical senses, is an illusion. They are energy waves that your brain converts into image, sound, smell, feeling, taste, but essentially they are no more than energy waves. And energy is controllable, just as electricity can be routed through cables to where you need it.

You have the strength and the power to direct energy where you want it. You just need to open your figurative eyes and remember.

Wake up and remember

You’re not here for no reason, you’re not here by coincidence, you are here because before your human birth you decided to be here, because this is the most exciting, and also the most wonderful, time that has ever been and ever will be in human history.

You are exactly where you wanted to be, at this place, here and now. Everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be, all is well.

We love you, we love you more than you can ever imagine. We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for now.

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