If You Are a Powerful Creator, What Reality Are You Creating?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, September 22, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are delighted to speak with you again. We understand how some of you are feeling upset by what we’ve told you about chemtrails, and how you are the creator of your reality.

Start thinking outside the box

In this message we will give you some more information about how you are the creator of what you perceive as your ‘outer world’.

think outside the boxWe know how difficult it is for you to step outside of the things you know, to start thinking outside the box, and we understand that you don’t feel comfortable when things are told that you have never thought about or that go against everything you’ve ever been told or that you’ve ever heard.

We are here to tell you that you are more than you think you are, that there is more to life, to your life, than you have ever known.

And we are here to help you wake up, out of your hypnotic state that has been induced ever since you were born.

You’ve got options

Now, some of you have woken up a long time ago. They see the truth of who you all really are, but most of you are still very much ‘asleep’.

First of all: we don’t judge any of you, ever. And whether or not you are ‘awake’ doesn’t make any of you better or more worthy compared to those who are still ‘asleep’. It’s just that those are two states of being, that give different results, different life experiences.

Everyone of you has their free will, a free choice, to live their lives the way they want, whatever way they choose.

We just want to make known that you have more options than you might be aware of. So we are here to tell you about that, about the other side of the coin, which you may not see or have seen before.

Creator of your world

waking up can be painfulSo, all the upset about chemtrails in response to our previous message, was expected. Waking up is not always easy, let alone painless. It hurts, and it’s very, very uncomfortable for humans.

We want you to understand that what you experience, is all your own creation. You are the creator of that neighbor that tells you they see those trails, which then is confirmation from your ‘outside’ world that you are right.

You are the creator of your outer world through the beliefs you have. We cannot say it often enough!

You are Consciousness, pure Consciousness in physical form, and you are the creator of whatever you see outside of you. That is what you do, that is your true nature!

So, when you say ‘there have been pilots confirming that they have been on airplanes spraying chemicals’, you are the creator of a reality where these pilots exist and they confirm your belief.

To put it boldly: there is no out there! Everything is Source, all you see is Source, everything comes from the same Source, and that Source is only Love, pure Love, divine Love, and it’s the creative force behind everything.

We understand that if this idea is new to you, that it’s very hard to comprehend, and we have patience with you. You may see it later in your life, and some of you may never see it.

Your thoughts and emotions are the driving force

We just keep repeating our message to you, to help you see the true nature of what and who you really are. It’s totally up to you whether or not you want to accept it.

If you want your life to be better, more fulfilling, more prosperous, more loving, harmonious, easier and without the struggles, strives, negativity, hatred, unkindness, and everything that you are so up against, the only way to accomplish that is to change your thoughts, change your attitude, change your focus, and only then you will change your outer world!

You are the creator of your worldWe repeat: you are the creator of your outer world, and the real you is the force field of Consciousness that brings into reality what you think and what you feel.

This is no hocus pocus, or a whoo whoo story, this is the way your world works. And it’s even scientifically proven.

Obviously you don’t have to believe us. You are a free, sovereign being, and you may believe and think whatever you wish to believe and think.

It’s just that you are making your life so hard and difficult just by the thoughts you have. Which is so unnecessary, because your life could be much more harmonious if you would change the things you think on a daily basis!

You’ve got the power!

And that is the underlying message that we want you to get. We want you to become aware of the power that you have.

By blaming ‘others’, the ‘outside world’, for things that are ‘bad’ in your opinion, you are giving your power away.

You are acting as a victim of circumstance, and we tell you that you are never a victim.

You are the one behind the steering wheel of your life! You get to choose where you want to go, what you want to achieve, what you want to experience! It’s all within your power.

Because you are not your human body, you are not your brains, you are far more than than! You are a divine, spiritual being, a true creator, living inside a physical vehicle that is your human body.

So, again, we love you dearly, and we are giving you all these messages out of pure Love, because that is what Source is, and we are Source, as much as you are.

You are divine LoveYou too are coming from pure Love, that is your innate state of being, you’ve just forgotten!

We look forward to our next conversation with you, and we sincerely want you to take a good look at the things you think. Because your thoughts determine what you ‘outer world’ looks like.

You are worthy of having it all: love, prosperity, abundance, good health, happiness and freedom. We wish all of that for you! Now it’s your call. Do with it what you want.

We are The Wisdom, and with sending you our deepest love, we are complete for now.

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