Chemtrails, Are They Dangerous and a Threat to Life?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, September 20, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human. We are so pleased to be with you again, to address a topic that we see is of concern for many people nowadays, which is the topic of chemtrails.

chemtrails?Now, we know that many view this as a conspiracy theory. There are more people on the planet who don’t believe in chemtrails, calling them contrails.

But there is a growing group of humans that are concerned and believe that these so called chemtrails are harmful, and a threat to their health, their crops, and the planet overall.

So, today we will talk a bit about this, because we think that it’s important for you to understand more about your own nature. The nature of the human being.

Fear is a program

You see, when you are in fear when you look up to the skies and feel anxious, or worried, or even just slightly concerned about these patterns in the skies, forming a thin layer over your head, you are programming yourself.

You are programming yourself with a negative mindset, and you are focusing on the things that you think are bad for you.

You know what we always say, that your outer world is an illusion, a game, a play, not real, and definitely nothing to be worried about.

But you still don’t get it to its full extent!

You are always creating

Whenever you look up and feel those worries, and entertain those thoughts in your mind, you are creating more of that which you don’t want. You are the creator of your outer world!

The more you focus on chemtrails in the sky, the more you will see them! That is your reality, your creation.

We don’t judge you ever, for anything that you create or focus upon.

fear of chemtrailsWe just want you to become aware that your negative attitude towards this phenomenon of whatever trails in the sky you may see, is causing you harm.

In fact your own attitude is causing you more harm than any chemtrail, contrail, or whatever trail could do to you!

When do chemtrails become poisonous?

We’ve said it so often, and you are still trying to excuse yourself, putting your power outside of you, trying to figure out the hows and whys of the outside world, not accepting your own responsibility for your inner world, which creates your outer world.

So, are chemtrails dangerous? Poisonous? Affecting life on the planet? They definitely are. But only, and we reiterate, only for those who are looking up in fear and worry!

Only for those who poison their own minds with thoughts about the possible dangers and hazards of these trails!

Self-fulfilling prophecy

You may say “well, there have been heavy metals found, like aluminum, barium and strontium, in areas where chemtrails have been sprayed, so they are indeed dangerous”.

We tell you here and now, that those findings are only there because they are a confirmation for the ones believing the thoughts they have.

search and findYou see, the ones finding these metals, supposedly coming from those trails, are the ones looking and searching for proof that what they think those trails are, is indeed the truth.

They are in their own self-fulfilling prophecy, finding whatever they want to find to confirm their thoughts!

That is how the human brain and the human creating capacities work. You are the creator of your own creation. When you believe something, you will always find proof that you are right!

So, when you believe chemtrails are harmful, dangerous, poisonous, you will always find things that proof that, because you are creating the proof as well! Don’t you see how it works?

This is how it works

We love you so much, dear human, and again, we are never judging you, we just want you to see how you are focusing on negativity, programming your own mind, and thus creating your own world.

Become aware, become more conscious, and start realizing that you are the one creating the things you believe in. Not the other way around.

You’ve heard about chemtrails once, and started digging into it, and you believed the things you read and were told. Then you started seeing them more often, and you looked deeper into it, searching online for more information about chemtrails.

And you found it, and it confirmed your belief, so you started seeing them more and more, and now you don’t even have to look it up anymore, because you’ve changed from believing to ‘knowing that this is the truth’.

Deeper into the density of negativity

trailsNow you are no longer receptive for any other information that goes against your belief. So you’ve become immune for anything other than your belief.

Don’t you see that you’ve created your own little religious belief here, your chemtrail-religion? And you’re looking everywhere to find people that agree with you, to affirm your belief.

And together you talk about it, affirming it more and more.

But you don’t understand how you are digging yourself deeper and deeper into the density of negativity, lack, separation, suffering and deeper into the third dimension. This is never going to help you get out of there!

So what we always say you should do, is start directing your attention to something else. Start to override those negative thoughts and beliefs, because those are the ones harming you.

Not just mentally, but they are literally damaging your health. Negative thoughts, constantly confirmed and accumulated, in the end will make you physically ill.

Be happy, which is the nature of the Real You

Therefore we always say that you should be focusing on things you love, on doing the things that make you happy.

Do the things you love, be happyDo the things that bring you joy, that make you laugh out loud, that make you feel like you belong, that you love your life.

Only then will you be able to surpass those negative thoughts, and you will understand how it works, how the game you’ve been playing with your human self for so long exactly works.

We love you dear human, and we wish that you start to see your True Self, the one that is experiencing your whole human adventure. It’s not just your human, it’s your Soul, it’s Source.

That is the nature, the Truth of who you really are!

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for now.

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