Can You See Through the Illusion?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, July 12, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are so delighted to be with you again on this beautiful day. We are pleased to talk with you about the illusions of the world you’re in, how things are different than you see them.

Illusion of a broken world

You see a situation of  a world that’s broken, a world that needs healing. You see a world that could be beautiful, but isn’t. You see a world that could be peaceful, but isn’t. You see a world that could be a place of joy and harmony, but isn’t. Right?

Well, we’re here to tell you that this is all an illusion. There is nothing broken, there is nothing to be fixed or healed.

Yes, we know why you see these things, because you look at your outside world and think that that’s the reality of your life, of your world.

You see a reflection, not the reality

But haven’t we told you earlier that your world is a reflection of what’s inside of you?

Haven’t we often spoken about how the world is a playground? And haven’t we told you that everything is alright the way it is?

Yes, we see people feeling hurt, being mistreated, or even abused and getting killed. And yes, there are people feeling lonely, feeling betrayed, not knowing where to turn to, praying for God to help them or either to take them out of their misery.

illusionistBut we’ve told you that these things are illusions. No, we’re not saying that they don’t happen, because they do. But a magician on a stage does also make certain things happen, or at least they seem to happen, right?

And yet still they are illusions, even if you can’t see through the trick!

Smoke and mirrors

And that’s exactly what’s going on in your world. You don’t see the trick! You believe the lies and illusions, the smoke and mirrors that have been pulled up to fool you!

You see the beggars in the street as ‘poor people’, as if they’re lost, as if their situations are hopeless.

Well, they’re not! They are playing as much as you are. And they have chosen for these roles to play.

They may not remember it, but it was their choice to live this particular life, with these particular circumstances, right here where they’re at, at this very moment.

So, when you say ‘the world is broken, people are broken’, is like saying that a film-set full of actors that play their parts, is broken.

The actors

homelessYou feel as if all the actors need to be fixed, because they play roles of villains, murderers, psychopaths, beggars and misfits. But you see, they’re all playing a character, they’re not playing who they really are!

So are you and all your fellow humans. You’re all playing a character, not one of you is playing who they really are, not one of you is playing your Truth, you are all playing a part, a role, an act, an illusion.

And you are all so convincing in these roles, that you believe your fellow humans to be really what they play.

The evil ones, you believe they’re evil at heart. The ones you presume are the good people, the ‘angels on earth’, well for those people it’s usually true that they play parts that are very close to their true nature.

And still, they’re playing a role. Just like the actress playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast is playing a role. The role of a good, caring, loving person, and still it’s an act.

Where to find peace and healing?

So, when you come up with thoughts that the world is broken, that God or Source has left human kind with a mess, that everything is out of order and in desperate need of being healed and fixed… go inward!

find peace and love withinGo inside of you, and find that the peace and well being you’re looking for, are really inside of you! Stop looking outside of you, that’s not where the solution for your frustration lies. It lies within!

Find the true nature of who you are inside your heart, discover that you are a spiritual being, and that everyone else on the planet is too.

And start opening your heart to share your love. Then you will start to see change, and it will reflect back to you.

And those you feel bad for, will feel your love too. And they will wake up to their Truth, that it’s really all an illusion, that they were never stripped of their holiness, of their grandness, of their power.

No, they’re still very powerful beings, as are you!

Come back to love, and you will discover that your heaven is here, it’s inside of you. And it’ll be expressed outside of you. As above so below, as inside so outside. And so it is.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for today.

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