A movie that teaches you who you really are!


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We love you so much and we want you to understand how you can love yourself as much.

You are love. We’ve often told you so, but we keep on telling you this, because you have to understand this, get the depth of it.

You are the I AM

You are in essence love. You are Source, you are God, you are everything that exists, you ARE. You are the I AM frequency, you are pure love, pure joy, you are eternal.

Now, you feel like a small, powerless human being. At least you often feel that way. You feel as if the whole world is crazy and you are way too small and powerless to do anything about anything that’s going on outside of you.

Remember how we told you last time that you were wrong about what you think you know? We’re sorry to tell you again, that you are also wrong on this one. You are by no means powerless, you are by no means small, you are by no means helpless, and most of all you are by no means mortal.

You ARE. You are what made this world. Not you as your human, which is only a part of who you really are, but you as the infinite spiritual being that you are, as the I AM energy that is without beginning and without ending, created this experience.

Why life isn’t always a bed of roses

Your world is an experience. It’s here for you to experience. You’ve created it that way.

bed of rosesNow, we often get the question “why are we here to learn who we really are? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to get here knowing who we are and avoid all that pain and suffering?”

We understand your question, and we can see why you ask it. You think that living the perfect life on this planet, in perfect harmony, knowing the Truth of who you are right from the moment of conception and throughout your whole human life, would be a much better life, right?

Again, WRONG! We don’t judge you for thinking this way, as we never judge anything, and we are teasing you a little bit here. Because, ask yourself: why do you watch movies? What does a good movie look like? How entertaining and enjoyable is a movie that has no villain, no set backs, no problems, no fears, no negativity to overcome?

Wouldn’t you admit that movies need to have all sorts of problems that the main characters run into, to make them enjoyable to watch? Now, if you don’t want to watch problems, let’s say you go to a romantic comedy. Those stories haven’t got problems, do they?

How suspense is build in movies

Well… they do. Romantic comedies, any romantic movie, always has some problem that has to be solved before the main characters can go and live happily ever after!

The whole point of story telling is that the main characters run into problems, then they try to solve the problems, find solutions, have to be smart, clever, think of things, be curious, always on the lookout to see where the troubles are coming from and find ways to protect themselves from it.

In romantic comedies it’s (previous) partners, parents, children, in-laws etc. who make problems. They’ve got jobs, bosses, there’s all sorts of problems people run into in movies.

Jurassic Park movieWhy? For entertainment purposes! So that you can watch a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, hoping that they will get together after all, hoping that the dinosaurs will get caught and not eat everyone in the park, praying that James Bond will take out the villain and restore peace on earth… Well, you get what we’re saying!

The movie of your life

Now, back to your reality. Your reality is a movie. And you are the main character! How enjoyable would your movie be without challenges? Without things to overcome, to solve, to work through?

We know you better than you know yourself, because we are you, and we know for sure, that your life would be dull, and get on your nerves, if it was all perfect harmony, peace and quiet.

So, therefore you’ve created challenges, big and small gifts, to exercise and entertain yourself, to experience all kinds of different emotions, and play with it, grow from it, and slowly but surely get to a point where you start to remember.

Remember who you really are. That this whole life, with all the experiences, is just a game.

Playing games

gamesAnd we know, you often don’t like this game, but there are plenty games out there, board games, team games, that you don’t always like either, but you still watch or even play them, right?

Your soul is seeking out the experiences for you, to benefit you in the long run. And once you start seeing that, in the end you’ll be eternally grateful for every single one of them!

And you will love it, and love you, your human part as well as your Soul. Because you are Love!

We love you, we love you, we love you, we couldn’t love you more. We are you, you are us, we’re all One, everything is Source.

We are the Collective Consciousness of All that Is, and with that we are complete for today.

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