Love’s True Power: Being Your Authentic I AM

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By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - 04:00 pm

This channeled message is one that came through while doing a one-on-one session with someone. It’s such a powerful message about all of humanity being the I AM and Love, that I strongly feel it has to be added to the channelings on my website.

This is what came through:

At first we just want to tell you how loved you are and how you are the embodiment of divine love. Always know that this love is innate to you, you are love.

And whenever you encounter people that are not in connection with the love that they are, just stay in your power, stay in your love, be the love, embody the love that you are.

How to stay in the love that you are when you’re triggered

When people are being triggeredWe know sometimes it’s difficult. Sometimes you get triggered by people, sometimes people say or do things that you don’t like, that trigger feelings of not being worthy, trigger feelings of memories of old pains.

Let it all go, give it to the light, send it off, it’s no longer serving you. Whatever may trigger you, feel the feelings, accept and allow them and then just thank them and release them, give it to the light.

Other people, we’ve said it more often, other people are just you in a different form. It’s all you, there is nothing really outside of you. It’s all you, it’s all Source.

And being triggered only means that you’re holding on to something that you are now about to let go. It doesn’t serve you anymore and your soul knows that.

Being triggered means that your soul gives you the permission, for your human to let go of anything that is no longer serving you.

And that may be thoughts, that may be old beliefs, that may be ideas about reality, about people, about life in general.

It’s a play, so play joyfully

You, as is every human being, have been programmed to believe the illusion, to believe the game, to believe the movie to be real.

We’ve told you many times, it’s not real, it’s an illusion, it’s a hologram, it’s a play. And when you play you’re joyful.

Children playing are having fun, are immersing themselves in the stories that they tell. Playing whatever it is.

children playingWhen they play they’re a mom and a dad and a child living a happy life somewhere, they immerse themselves in the story and they feel the feelings of being that character that they’ve made up.

All you are doing is exactly the same. You are playing a character. You are playing a human with your name, living in your country. But there actually is nothing and no one.

It’s a character. You have immersed yourself in a movie that you are directing, that you are scripting and that you are playing all by yourself.

And every person in your reality is just another character in your movie. And what you’re doing right now is a co-creation of creating a mutual reality, believing that you’re in a Zoom call, each of you in a different country.

Know who you are, be the I AM

But it’s a play, it’s make-believe, because there is no time and space. You are not there or here, you ARE. You ARE.

You don’t have to add anything to that. You don’t have to add a name. It’s not ‘you are James’ or ‘you are Marie’, no, you ARE. And from your perspective it’s I AM. I AM.

There’s no need to add anything. I AM in… whatever situation, I AM feeling…, I AM doing…. Forget about all of that. Be the I AM. That is your true nature, that is your true essence, that is your true name. I AM.

And we’ve said it often and we’ll say it again: call out that name, I AM, as often as possible. It is a frequency, it has power, it has creational power. [note: you can translate I AM to your own language if you mother tongue isn’t English! In your own language it has the same frequency and power. Like ‘IK BEN’ in Dutch, or ‘ICH BIN’ in German, ‘JE SUIS’ in French, ‘YO SOY’ in Spanish, and so on].

It will create, whatever it is your soul wishes to experience through your human part. Just say ‘I AM’.

Give your soul permission…

Allow your soul to be the captain of your shipWith stating ‘I AM’ you give your soul permission to take the steering wheel, to be the captain on your ship.

And of course you have free will, but when you align with your soul it will be all the more obvious what your free will is and what you can do with it.

You won’t ever have to make a choice or a decision or think about ‘where am I going?’, ‘what am I doing?’, ‘how do I solve this?’.

When you know you are I AM, life will be easy, flowing with grace and ease in the most harmonious, perfect way you could ever imagine.

Be the I AM. You are infinite. You have infinite ways of being, infinite ways of creating, infinite ways of experiencing whatever you want to experience.

…allow it to be in the driver’s seat of your life

Let your human allow your soul to be your guide, to be the one in charge. It will show you incredible things.

Let your soul guide you, let it take the driver's seat of your lifeAnything you’ve ever thought was a problem, anything that to this day is causing you to think thoughts of worry, they all dissipate when you let your soul take over.

And we know you’re almost there. You have come so far already, your human has learned so much.

This is the last piece, to let your soul take over and fully, fully, we emphasize, FULLY immerse in the knowing that you are the I AM.

We love you, we have loved this conversation and we are always there if you have any questions. You know how to reach us, because we are you and you are us.

We’re in your heart, that’s where you’ll find us.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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