Justice: Beyond Vengeance Lies the Secret to Healing


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 04:00 pm

Seeking justice in courtWelcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to speak with you again, and we’d like to talk about justice.

We see how many people around the world are longing for justice, they feel that injustice is increasing, and they want justice to prevail.

But what do they expect? And what do you expect when it comes to justice?

We agree, that justice is something that can serve well. It can give people consolation over situations that have hurt them.

It can make you feel seen and heard when something is finally solved in a way that you want.

But it can also represent something different.

Is it really justice you want?

When you long for justice, do you really long for justice to prevail, or is there something within you that is longing for something else?

Do you actually want revenge or pay-back?

Often times when you feel hurt, or things have gone a way that you don’t like, different things can come up.

Let’s give an example.

You’ve been robbed and you know who did it. You know that person, and you go to the police and report them. You even go and file a lawsuit against them.

You do anything in your power to hold them accountable.

Now ask yourself: Is it really justice you’re after? Or are you looking for revenge? You want them to ‘pay’, but often times isn’t it that you want them to hurt too?

Have them hurt exactly as they hurt you, or some more even?

What you’re doing when revenge is the goal

When you want them locked up in jail or worse...It’s important to think about this, because when you come from a place where there is anger, or you’re holding a grudge, there is resistance!

You’re resisting the thing that has happened to you, and the person who did it. We can understand of course, but you have to remember that ‘what you resist persists’.

When you’re after revenge, when you’re coming from a place of a low vibration, when you’re in your head about it, instead of coming from your heart, you’re creating an aftereffect that you’re not going to like!

You’re setting yourself up for misery that will leave you getting hurt even more. Grudges and wanting revenge, instead of justice, is a slippery slope.

It’s like igniting a ticking time bomb, that can explode in your face if you’re going that direction.

Real justice comes from love

So, when is justice really being done?

It’s only justice when it’s coming from a place of love. How hard that may even sound to you.

Coming from your heart, wanting to have the other person realize how they are hurting themselves, and not just you, is a big thing.

But when you’re in a place of forgiveness, in a place of empathy and love, in a place of being in your heart where you know that All is One, you have taken back all of your power.

There is only Oneness, there is only LoveYou’re in the place where you know that person is a part of Source just like you, that this person is a God like you, and that this person even is another part of you.

That’s when you begin to see miracles unfold, that is where transformation takes place, that is where the magic happens.

It’s the only way justice is being served, by coming from love, stepping into a higher consciousness, knowing that you and they are one and the same, and that you unknowingly have co-created that apparently unjust situation.

Everything happens for you

We’re not saying that you wanted it to happen per se, but you experiencing it, is a signal to you that you were wanting to experience something profound, to help you get to a higher level of awareness, to expand your consciousness.

Your human may not understand this, but your soul definitely does! On a soul-level you’ve created all of it. So, justice is a twofold experience.

Your soul and your human, and the soul and human of the other person, in co-creation, getting both of you, and everyone else involved, to rise up to a higher vibration, a higher level of consciousness, an expanded view and expanded awareness of your being.

And of your whole reality.

That is always the purpose of anything that you experience in your life. Nothing ever happens to you, it is always, always, always, happening for you!

So when you feel treated bad, hurt even, in whatever way it is, know that justice is never served by looking for revenge, by trying to hurt them back.

Creation goes through you first!

All a grudge will do, is eat you inside. Everything you feel, every thought will create your reality and the next now-moments.

What gets hit first, gets the hardest blow!And you create it all through you, it goes through your energy first. So looking for revenge, is hitting you first.

And what gets hit first, always gets the hardest blow!

Our advice therefore, is to stay away from grudges. Shift your awareness and your vibration to love, to forgiveness, and see how justice will arise in forms you can’t even think of with your logical mind!

All is well, it always is, because all is coming from Love. There is no other way.

We have loved speaking with you about this, and we look forward to our next conversation.

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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