Forgiveness, a Major Key to Setting Yourself Free


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, May 11, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are as always so pleased to be with you again, and we’d like to speak with you about forgiveness.

Forgiveness, are there people who don’t deserve it?

Many of you struggle with forgiveness, whether or not they should forgive someone else for the things that they did. Some even say, and genuinely feel, that certain actions are ‘unforgivable’. Sometimes you are struggling with not being able to forgive yourself for things you said or did.

shackles of anger and painWe’ll talk about this in our message for today. Because forgiveness can be a key in setting yourself free, from shackles that you didn’t even know you have placed upon yourself.

When you are hurt, you feel that someone has done something to you, or you are what you would call a victim of certain situations that were deliberately caused by people, either a group or an individual, you may feel very reluctant to forgive them.

Examples that many of you feel are unforgivable

We’ll give you some examples that we know might trigger you, but we do this on purpose, to show you how your energy changes.

So, for example… how do you feel about someone like Hitler? Or what are your thoughts and feelings about someone that is the head of an organization that is dealing with child trafficking?

You see, most of you will already get triggered right now. Both examples may give you a feeling that people like that aren’t worth the light of day, right?

You feel that Hitler was a horrible person, who has caused millions of people’s deaths, suffering for hundreds of millions of civilians, and abuse on a scale that was unheard of before WW2.

With child trafficking, it’s the same emotion that you feel come up. Disgust, repulsion, you might even have swear words come up, to relief your feelings of anger and frustration about people that are capable of hurting children.

We get that, we understand that you feel that way.

backstabbingNow let’s give some other example. Suppose you have been cheated on by your spouse or partner or maybe you were betrayed by a friend, or a colleague. You might have been let down by someone you trusted, and it’s possibly cost you a lot of money.

Or it cost you the faith you had in humanity.

These kinds of things can cause you to not want to forgive people for their actions. Forgiveness is not what they deserve, from your point of view, right?

Who is forgiveness really for?

Now, where do we want to go with this? We want you to understand, that whatever anyone in the apparent outside world is doing, even when it’s at your expense, is not for you to judge. That’s a first.

Secondly, your only responsibility is how you feel and how you think in relation to yourself.

What do we mean by that? When you hold anger, frustration, or worry, pain, sadness and grief, because of the actions of someone else, you are hurting yourself!

Forgiveness, no matter the action or thing that has caused the pain, the loss, or whatever, forgiveness is always about you and about you alone! Again, it’s always only for you.

woman getting attacked

Effects of staying in anger and pain

So, when you’re a woman, and for example you’ve been raped or physically abused, we understand that is a horrible experience, seen from your perspective. And we understand that you blame the person who did this, and you feel that you could never forgive them because of the results, the pain and problems that came from their action.

But, by holding a grudge, by staying mad for the rest of your life, by holding onto the pain and the anger, who are you hurting more? The abuser, or yourself?

Who are you hurting with low vibrational feelings like revenge, hate or anger… A dictator, or yourself? A child trafficker, or yourself? A rapist, or yourself?

You see what you’re doing with your feelings and thoughts? You keep yourself in a very low vibrational, as well as mental, state, and the only one you’re hurting with it, mentally, emotionally as well as physically, is you.

Forgiveness, what it is and what it’s not

What forgiveness does, is placing the attention back to your own feelings, to your own healing. When you say that you forgive someone, doesn’t mean that you declare their actions to be right, it’s not that you’re saying ‘oh okay he raped me, that’s cool, thank you’. No!

We are saying that after processing whatever happened, and then coming from a state of mind where you can forgive their actions, you are setting yourself free from the destruction of your own being.

When you are able to forgive people for what they’ve done, come back into a state of love, of non-judgment, of processing and accepting what has happened – not saying that it’s good!, just accepting what happened – and stop going back to the past all the time in your thoughts and feelings, but instead moving forward from a place of healing and recovering into being healed and able to live your life again, that is the whole purpose of forgiveness.

Set yourself free

forgiveness sets you free againForgiveness sets you free again, it releases you from the burden of the past. Whatever that past maybe, whether it’s your personal past, or a collective past like a war experience.

That is why we say that you have to go to a place inside yourself where you can find forgiveness. For everyone, and for everything they ever did. In our next message we will speak about how to do this.

We love you so much, dear human, and we are happy for the opportunity we get to show you the different directions you can choose for your life.

You are a powerful creator, and all that we say to you, are the words you drew to you. You are the one channeling these words, you are the one knowing that all we say comes from within you. Because we are you and you are us. We love you, we love you, we love you.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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