Overcome Injustice: 3 Powerful Steps to Expand and Create What You Want


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, March 7, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so happy to be with you again, to speak about injustice and how to overcome injustice.

How do you respond to injustice?

feeling treated badlyWe see that many of you complain, about injustice being done to you or others by other people. When something happens, you tend to look at it whether it’s justified or not, whether it’s injustice or not.

When you feel treated badly, or see other people being treated badly, you will easily call it unjust or unfair.

How can you overcome injustice? Is there another way, other than complaining and speaking about it to others?

We know that you experience a lot of things in your human life that you consider to be unjust.

For instance when you have to pay more taxes than you think is fair or when you are treated badly by someone you helped earlier and they now turn against you.

There are many ways that you can perceive as being unjustly treated.

Now, we’re not saying that you are never treated badly, or that injustice doesn’t exist. We know that in your world, the 3D reality that you live in, there is a duality, of good and bad, of just and unjust. So yes, of course you get to experience that.

Time for a new set of rules to play your game

But isn’t it about time that you let go of that kind of thinking and step up your game?

Isn’t it about time to start using your creative powers, the powers you have as a spiritual being inside your physical body, as we’ve told you often times before?

Isn’t it about time to create a new reality for yourself and the people that you’ve created in your world?

It’s all up to you actually. When you keep focusing your attention on the things you think that have been put into your life unjustly, you are making yourself a victim.

blaming and complainingWhen you speak about all the things that have gone wrong that shouldn’t have, because in your opinion it was due to injustice, you are blaming, you are complaining, and where does that lead you to? Getting more of the same!

Don’t you know by now that you have the power to change anything and everything in your life?

You have the power to create whatever you wish to create, so why do you keep focusing on the things that you consider bad?

Start focusing your attention to the things that are good, the things that you would want to experience.

3 steps to practice to overcome injustice

When you’ve been treated badly, what would we from our side advice you to do?

Well, we’d firstly say that you have to accept and acknowledge the feelings and emotions that you experience.

  • Step 1: Send love to yourself, to your emotions, as well as to the things, people or situations that caused you to feel treated unfair. That‘s the first step.

overcome injustice with loveFeel the emotions of disappointment, hurt, anger, frustration, let them be there, and then thank them for showing you that there is something to learn from, and to grow from. Everything happens for you, remember?

So, this too, happens for you, to grow, to expand from. When you’ve done that, you’ve acknowledged your emotions, you’ve sent love to yourself and to everything you’ve created, including that which you felt bad about, then it’s time for step two.

  • Step 2: Which is taking full responsibility. Acknowledge that it is your creation. That you are the one who created that situation which hurt your feelings or made you feel bad.

You created it no matter how you want to turn it otherwise. Because there is nothing but you. There is no out there, there is only you.

  • Step 3: After taking responsibility, the final step is to focus your attention on a desired outcome, focus on the things you would have wanted to happen.

Re-create the situation, or whatever it is that happened. As we told you earlier, start scripting. Rewrite the story, and give it an outcome that you love, that you know will make you feel good.

Did someone treat you bad in your perception? Rewrite it, and keep it positive. Write it in a way that you feel good, maybe you could write how you understand where they came from and the perfect outcome it had for you and your life.

Write it as the master creator that you are.

You’ve got the power!

you've got the powerYou have the power, you are Source, you are God, never think that you are powerless, because you are anything but powerless.

It’s just that you’re not used to thinking that way. It’s a learning curve, and we are here to constantly remind you of it.

You never have to think that something happened to you, it always happens for you. Nothing is ever an injustice, no matter how you look at it.

It’s always there to expand your consciousness, and all you have to do is change your perception, send it love, and start creating a new reality from there.

You got this, you can do this!

Expanding your consciousness

We love you so much, dear human, and we’re always here to help you expand your consciousness.

This journey you’re on, is the most exciting journey a human could ever ask for. You wanted this life, you wanted to be here right now, right where you are.

We are you, you are us, the wisdom we share with you is all coming from within you. It’s not outside of you. Always remember that.

We are, as well as you are, The Wisdom. And with that, we are complete.

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