What Is Scripting and How Can You Use It to Create Your Best Life?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, February 16, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day indeed. We would love to speak about a topic that has sparked some interest among some of you, namely the practice of scripting.

What is scripting?

First we will explain what scripting is, because not everyone will be familiar with this practice.

scripting your desiresScripting is a form of storytelling, seen from a place where things are already manifested, already materialized, already experienced in the physical world that you live in.

You tell it in a way that you can see it right before you, as if it already really happened.

And it already gives you the outcome of certain situations that in your present moment are evolving and unfolding.

With scripting you imagine the outcome, you look as it were into the future, into your desired future, and you experience beforehand how it will feel if said situation does indeed go as you wrote down how it would go.

How to go about?

With scripting you take matters in your own hand. You write and imagine, fantasize and write, and you always write it as if it has already happened.

You can do this as often as you like, or leave it at one time.

We’d like to add that you could write certain stories more often, every time with slightly different words, or seen from a different perspective, or through the eyes of someone else that’s involved.

By doing that and firing it up with your emotions more often, the outcome will get more fuel and thus more power to unfold as expected.

Your emotions are certainly very important in this form of manifesting and creating your reality.

Keep it positive

keep it positiveAnother thing that’s very important, is to always use positive words. Write positive outcomes, and keep the images that you create as positive as possible, thus giving them more energy, more power, and a higher vibration or frequency.

We know that many of you are already using this technique, and especially those of you who firmly believe in this scripting technique, will surely have beautiful results with it.

Why do you have to believe in it? Because you will not obstruct the outcome with doubts and conflicting thoughts!

Your thoughts have creating power, so you want to steer clear of any thoughts that lead your focus away from the desired outcome!

A few results

We know of a woman who brought back a dog to a family that had lost their beloved pet animal. Her scripting resulted in the return of the dog after a few days.

We also know of people who manifested their dream house, people who scripted the winning of their specific car, people regaining their health, family feuds ending, and we could go on and on, the list has no end.

So, if you are willing to dig into your imagination, and start writing your future by writing down the desired outcomes of the things you are experiencing right now, you are in fact using the power of the 6th dimension, the realm of fantasy and imagination, to create your world!

You can prove to yourself that all we have been telling you over the course of more than a year now, is true. You will experience in your own life that you are indeed the creator of all you see and all you experience.

Start now and keep going

start writingSo, take a pen or open a blank page on your computer or on your phone, and start writing your script. And make it a daily habit, a routine, to create your best life!

We love you dear human, and we look forward to whatever you will be scripting.

Make use of your words, make use of your emotions, send it into the world with love, and see what happens!

We are The Wisdom, we are you, you are us, you are Source, and all is well, and all is One!
And with that we are complete.

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