Can You Turn Valentine’s Day Into a Wonderful Daily Celebration of Love?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, February 14, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are so pleased to speak with you again on this beautiful new day. As you are probably aware, today is what you humans call Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day, celebration of love

celebration of loveSo let’s talk about this special day, a day for love. At least, that’s what it’s supposed to be, right?

Valentine’s day is in its origin the celebration of Saint Valentine, but nowadays for most people it’s a day where they spend time with their beloved, which can be a partner, a dear friend, or even a child.

It’s a day that is centered around the celebration of love.

Initially on Valentine’s day people would secretly send someone a card, without revealing the sender, to let them know they were loved.

These days it’s more about giving gifts, as well as cards, and not so much about doing it in secret. It has lost a bit of its magic, but that’s not unexpected.

Because celebrating love, on just one day throughout a whole year… is kinda measly, right?

Best occasion to celebrate love?

We understand that you often look for ways to celebrate, you look for special occasions.

occasions for celebrationsAnd of course there are birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other special occasions dedicated to the celebration of love or of one specific person. But Valentine’s day has become a real thing in many countries.

So, what about the heartfelt feeling of celebrating love, not just on a designated day, but every day?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could tell your friends, your partner, your children, your parents, anyone you truly and deeply love, how much you love them, on any given day?

Tell them!

So, that’s what we’re encouraging you to do. Go out and about, and let the people your love know that you love them.

Don’t reserve that for one day. Don’t just do it on Valentine’s day, or on a wedding or other anniversary, but do it every day!

Because love is the glue that holds people together, it’s what connects you to the people around you. Love is the force that makes you and the people in your life stronger, that creates the things you want.

And yes, show love even for the people you don’t know.

Love them all

Which brings us to the second point we’d like to speak about. Why not send love to every other human being? Not just the ones you know, not only the ones you already love, but also the ones you’ve never met, the ones you don’t know.

girl on bikeThat neighbor you’ve never spoken with, or that mailman you see passing by every day but don’t even know his name. Or that schoolgirl on her bicycle that drives past you, or the lady that’s walking her dog in the park.

Or the people in your supermarket, people in traffic, when you’re waiting for the traffic lights to turn green again, look around you, and see the people in their cars or on their motorcycles. And send them love.

Begin to spread love wherever you go, every day, all the time! You will discover that it’s pretty easy to do, to step into that feeling of love for everything.

Not only humans, but also for animals, and even for the lifeless objects you see.

Street lanterns, paving tiles on the sidewalk, the grass, flowers, trees… send everything your love, express how much you love them, or it, and you will start a totally new experience for yourself.

Currency of Love

Because when you begin to share more love, which is an energetic exchange, you will receive more love.

Especially when you not only give love to the things that appear to be outside of you, but most of all to yourself.

Because you are the one creating that outside world. So love yourself, and you will see that love coming back to you.

Love goes through you first, and it will surely return to you. That’s how it works.

currency of loveLove is energy, love is like a currency. Pay it forward, and you’ll receive it back and its value will always expand and grow.

So, we wish you a happy Valentine’s day, and a happy every day. Spread your love, share your light, and begin making a difference for you, the ones that are closest to you, and for the rest of your world.

We love you so much, dear human, and we look forward to our next conversation.

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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