You’ve Got the Key to Eternal Wisdom


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, April 14, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so happy to be with you again and have our time with you to share some of the wisdom that you already have inside of you, but just don’t remember consciously.

You already have the key to all wisdom

key to wisdomAll the wisdom you need, everything you need to know how to live your life purposely, how to be the human you wanted to be before you came to this earthly realm, it’s all locked inside of you, like it’s been hidden in a treasure chest.

You’ve got the key to open this chest, you’ve got the way to open and unlock this divine and eternal wisdom. And the key to unlocking this is the love for yourself.

Love, love, love yourself

We’ve mentioned it many times before, and we always tell you how much we love you, because we do, and we would love to see you love yourself as much.

A deep, intense, unconditional love, where you accept yourself with all the flaws and all the imperfections that you find so important to focus on.

You don’t need to focus on your imperfections, they are so small and unimportant in reality, all you have to focus on is the love that you feel inside, dig it up, refind it, remember and experience this unconditional love for you.

For your human as well as the real you, the true you, the you that is hidden behind the walls of your physical being. You are so much more than this physical being, you are the personification of pure divine love and light.

Rise up!

you are the phoenixAnd that is why you came to this earth in the first place, to share that love and light, and to discover who you really are from the density of the physical world, from the unconsciousness, rising up out of the ashes of the unknowing, like a phoenix rises from the ashes.

You are that phoenix, you are the one rising up out of oblivion, discovering the truth of your reality, the real you, the divine love and light.

That is who you are. That is who everybody in reality is.

Look differently at what you call ‘bad’

And the people you consider the bad guys, have forgotten who they really are, and have been swallowed by the density of the third dimension.

sparkles of SourceBut they in truth also are sparks of Source, and they too have this inner wisdom, they too are deep inside this pure love and light. They’ve just forgotten, and got trapped in oblivion.

Don’t judge them , don’t fall into the trap of feeling hate for them. Because everything you feel goes through your body first!

If you hate someone, if you have negative feelings about anyone or anything, those feelings have to go through your body first.

Send love and light, to everything and everyone

Instead, send love, send them light, love and light, and those feelings will go through you first, and in the end those feelings will create your new reality where there is more love, even love for those who have lost their love.

And with that message we want to end today’s talk with you.

We are The Wisdom. We love you, we love you so dearly, and we wish for you to love yourself as much. And with that we are complete.

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