Do You Need to Protect Yourself When You Send Light to the Dark?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, April 19, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human. We are so delighted to talk with you again, and the subject you asked us to talk about is an important one: do you need to protect yourself from the dark, when you’re sending light?

dark, evilWe understand why people think this. They see the dark as evil, as something that is out there to haunt them, to scare them, to overrule them, or even to enter their minds and bodies.

We can assure you, that while there is that kind of darkness in the spiritual realm, that you have no need for any other protection than being in your heart. What do we mean by that?

Go into your heart

When you send love and light to the world, when you send love and light to the ones you deem ‘dark’ or even ‘evil’, you have to do so from a heart and state of being that’s filled with love.

You have to be satiated with you, not your human you, but satiated with the Truth of who you really are.

Be conscious of who you really are

You are a powerful, divine, eternal spiritual being, in a physical body. Who you really are has the power to create worlds, as you’ve created your current world. You are so powerful, that there is no need to be fearful of anything. You just have to be conscious of your power and acknowledge that you are this power.

When you come from a place of fear, whether it is of the dark, other people, governments or whatever, when you come from a place of fear you are not in your power!

Replace fear with Consciousness

Fear has to move away, and be replaced with pure love and Consciousness, to be able to change anything.

Consciousness and LoveConsciousness moves energy into form. Everything is energy, we’ve said it many times, and when you fill yourself with who you really are, Love, Consciousness, Source, God, the Light, then you can’t be harmed in any way, shape, or form by anything.

“What if I still think that I need protection?”

It’s not about protection, it’s about Consciousness, knowing the Truth of who you are. When you are in your power, when you are in Love and you are the light that you’re sending, you are protected.

Because you don’t need protection, as long as you are conscious that there is no ‘out there’, that the world you see is a reflection of what goes on inside of you, your thoughts, your thinking: everything is a reflection of how you see the world, as a human being.

You get what you ask for

If you come from a place where you are afraid of the dark, of evil, and you believe that they are out to get you or to harm you… then that’s the world you create. Your human thoughts, are always followed up upon by your true Self.

It’s like an order you give to your Higher Self, to Source: ‘I believe this world is evil’. And your Higher Self and Source reply: ‘gotcha, we’ve got you covered, your world is evil. Done’. And that’s what you get!

Revise your view of the world

beautiful worldCome back to Consciousness, to the power and Truth of who you really are, and see the world as the beautiful, sacred place she really is.

If you see the world as a living entity, a place that you’ve created to live and to grow, to discover who you really are, and to co-create with other spiritual beings that came here with the same purpose, then Source and your Higher Self (which are actually the same, because all is one), will have to deliver that!

What you believe, is your reality. Your inner world, creates your outer world!

You are Source

We hope this answers your question. Fill yourself up with the Love that is the Truth of who you really are, and there is nothing you have to be afraid of. Truly nothing.

You are Source, you are the energy that creates worlds, and that is the task ahead of you, to internalize this. Know this, feel it in every cell of your physical body.

We are The Wisdom, we are you, you are us, we are all Source, and with that we are complete.

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