Perfection and Precision: Escape the Pitfalls of Self-Critique


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, January 4, 2024 - 04:00 pm

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to be able to speak with you again, and we’d like to talk about perfection and precision.

Pitfalls of perfection and precision

Do you always need to strive for perfection and precision?We know that some of you have a tendency to want things to be perfect. And while there is nothing against that, it can become a hurdle, and something that can be extremely limiting to achieve something you want.

Precision is another thing. When you are in the habit of being a perfectionist, you can become an over-achiever, and precision, although not bad, can become something really painful, because it hinders you to just be who you are.

When you are one of those people that needs to have perfection and precision in your life, you may want to look a bit further to see where you can improve yourself and your habits.

What’s behind it?

Precision and perfection are two sides of a similar issue. Usually it’s about lack of self-love, lack of self-respect. You think that you’re not good enough, so you have to strive for perfection, to mask the flaws you see in yourself.

When you recognize this, read on. We got you covered and we can certainly show you a different way of living your life.

Chasing precision and perfection is draining. You’re always thinking that things are not as good as they should be, so you add a little bit more of your energy, to make it better than it already is.

When you have a job to do – whatever kind of job, it can be just cleaning your house, or it can be that you’re after reaching a certain target in sales, the way you drive your car, it can be anything –  and you’re doing that with the feeling that is has to be perfect, you have to do it exact and precise, it allows for no mistakes.

When something goes wrong when you’re in that state of being, and we know things go wrong all the time – we’ll get into the ‘wrong’ in a short while – you are setting yourself up for massive failure.

Setting yourself up for failure

Setting yourself up for failureWhen you strive for perfection and precision, you’re not allowing yourself to just be who you are. You have high expectations of yourself, as well as of other people and circumstances around you.

You may be able to achieve the perfection you’re reaching at, but chances are that more often than not you’re letting yourself, or others, down by the way you approach things.

Not reaching the state of perfection and precision you’re after, can trigger feelings of failure, unworthiness, depression even, and result in low self-esteem, nose-diving into sadness, sometimes even self-loathing, and losing your confidence.

But it starts with your intention of wanting to present something in the utmost perfection, with a sharp precision that is not always within reach.

When things appear to go ‘wrong’

So, why do things go wrong then, when you’re trying so hard? When you’re doing all that is in your power, at least from your human perspective, to get where you want it to be?

Well, here’s the thing: you are doing nothing wrong. And nothing is going wrong when you don’t attain that level of perfection and precision you’re after.

You’re just ignoring your soul, you’re ignoring your True Self. You’re letting your mind take over, let your mind run the show. And then you’ve set yourself up to ‘fail’.

When you let your mind take over, it definitely will push you to the limits of what’s possible. And in itself that isn’t a bad thing. It is a trap though when you are in that state all the time.

When you think that everything has to be perfect and that you have to work as precise as possible to reach perfection.

We are telling you that you are perfect already, exactly as you are. And perfection and precision is an idea in your mind. It’s something that isn’t necessary to live a happy life.

In fact, it’s usually an obstruction to live a happy life.

Slow down and take a step back

Practice makes ProgressWhen you’re always chasing after achieving perfection and precision, you’re always on the edge, and when you ‘fall and fail’, you’re disappointed in yourself or others.

We say that always everything is happening for you, and when things don’t turn out to be perfect and you are feeling let down, either by yourself or anything or anyone else, you are being guided by your soul.

Your soul is giving you signals that you have to slow down, that you have to take a step back from what exactly it is you are doing.

You have to step ‘out of your mind’, and look at what you’re doing more objectively, coming from your heart-space instead of the judgmental mind that wants to run the show.

Know that whatever you do, is part of the play, part of the game, part of your movie. That in itself is already perfect, in every way!

So, when you try to achieve ‘perfection’ in a situation that has been designed to be perfect already as it is, you’re adding an extra layer that will overwhelm and frustrate your human part.

While striving to do things perfect and precise is not a bad thing, if you don’t push yourself to extremes, what we’re trying to tell you is that we want you to take a step back.

Practice self-love

Accept who you are, love yourself for who you are, and don’t push yourself to the boundaries and limits of your capabilities. Don’t expect yourself to be on top of the game all the time.

Take time to rest, to contemplate, time to have fun, time to relax and enjoy things without having it to be perfect. And allow yourself to make mistakes, to deliver things less than perfect.

You don’t have to be slacky, you can still deliver really great work, but it doesn’t have to be top-notch all the time.

Reserve the perfection and precision for the times where it really matters. And usually that isn’t the case.

Let your soul take the lead

self-love vs. perfectionismGet out of that state of mind, let your heart take over, let your soul take over, and enjoy yourself more.

Everything is already perfect as it is. There is no need to push yourself so hard. Allow your True Self to come through, and you will see that things become more perfect than you ever thought they would.

Take the pressure away, and let things unfold in a flow, a flow of consciousness, a flow of awareness, and you will see that all of a sudden life becomes easy, harmonious, and a lot less stressful.

Save perfection and precision for the times you really need it, and let your soul be the one creating it in co-operation with your human. That way you can achieve an out of this world perfection, better than you could ever dream.

We love you, we love you, we love you, and we hope this will help you to let go and loosen your expectations a bit.

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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