Self-love, Is It Something You Struggle With?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, November 15, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this wonderful day indeed. We are so pleased to be with you again, and we’d like to talk a bit more about self-love.

We see that it’s hard for you to apply self-love fully, completely, wholly and unconditionally. We understand that due to your upbringing and programmed beliefs, it’s not that easy for you to feel love for yourself in such a way.

How unconditional is your love really?

But if you can’t feel self-love unconditionally, how do you expect to love someone else unconditionally? You may think that you love your child(ren), family members or friends unconditionally. But is that really true?

criminal behaviourIs your love so whole, so complete, that you love them no matter what? What if they murdered someone? Would you still love them?

Or what if they robbed someone, or broke into a house, and you discovered that, would you still love them?

Or when they began using drugs, and coming from a very dark place they would molest other people to get access to their substances?

What have you done in the past?

Well, ask similar questions about yourself. Have you ever made a, what you consider, ‘major mistake’, that you still regret to this day?

Did you lie to someone? Did you trick someone into believing something that you know wasn’t true? Did you hurt someone, maybe even on purpose, because they had hurt you?

And how do you feel about yourself, considering the things that you’ve done in the past? Do you love yourself, unconditionally, or do you belittle yourself, for having been so ‘dumb’, ‘short sighted’, ‘greedy’, or whatever label you’ve got for yourself?

Or maybe you didn’t trick someone else, but you allowed others to trick you. What if you’ve been horribly deceived by others, and due to listening to them, you’ve lost your livelihood, or your marriage?

Maybe your thoughtlessness has cost someone else’s life, or you’ve done something that physically hurt other people, and you feel remorse and regret, and guilt.

feeling guiltHow loving are you for yourself considering those things? Can you still love yourself, or are you spiteful, blaming yourself, constantly reminding yourself of the awful things you’ve done in your life?

How loving is that?

Now is the time to forgive yourself

When you treat yourself this way, we assure you, that you are not loving yourself. Love, True Love, unconditional, Divine Love, knows no boundaries, knows no limitations, knows no guilt, nor blame, nor regret.

When you love yourself unconditionally, that means that you can let go of the things you’ve done.

Which doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t still have to face the consequences, if there are or were any, for your actions, as part of the 3D-game you’re playing in the physical realm. But that doesn’t take away that you may now forgive yourself, for whatever wrongdoing you have done.

You may forgive yourself, and you may give yourself love, without guilt, without blame, without having to punish yourself for the rest of your life, because you believed that it’s ‘Karma’, or you ‘need to learn a lesson’.

self-loveYou are entitled to self-love

The divine, Source, that which you truly are, is never blaming you for anything you’ve done, or will ever do, in your human experience.

Because everything you do, you’ve done and will do for the experience. To discover every facet of human life, the most beautiful as well as the most gruesome things.

It’s all about emotions, and discovering how it feels when you take certain steps and actions.

You are whole, you are healed, you are entitled to be loved, because Source loves you; since you are Source, and there is nothing outside of Source.

So, it’s time. It’s time to start self-love, to accept and love yourself in every way possible, and forgive yourself for whatever things you feel you’ve done wrong.

It never was wrong in the first place, it was all there for you to explore and discover. No matter what it was you did.

And when you start loving and accepting yourself, you will make a shift in how the world around you starts to reflect that self-love back to you.

We love you dear human, you are so worthy of being loved! So start now, with loving yourself, and step back into the true nature of who you are: Pure divine Love!

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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