Self-Compassion: The Key to Uncovering Pure Love


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, October 26, 2023 - 04:00 pm

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day indeed. We would like to talk with you about self-love and self-compassion. We heard the question and we want to respond.

How can you have the same compassion for yourself as you would for your child, or your animals, or someone you hold so dearly that they couldn’t do anything to escape your love?

Struggling with self-compassion

Many humans struggle with self-love and self-compassionWe know that many of you struggle with loving yourselves. The human mind has a tendency to be overly critical towards itself, towards their own humanness.

We see how you can easily ‘go off’ against yourself, about how you look, about how you talk, about how you behave, about the things you say, particular habits, particular body-parts.

Your human part can make life so difficult for you, that you don’t know how to escape that criticism and that constant fear of doing it wrong, not being good enough, not being good enough to deserve unconditional love.

You’ve been programmed by society, often times by your parents or teachers, your religious leaders, or random people in your life that created this believe that you have to do certain things to be worthy of love, to be worthy of compassion, specifically of self-compassion.

The compassion you feel for your child, your animal, your grandparent, or anyone you love so deeply that you couldn’t imagine not showing them that love, is flowing so easily through you.

But when it comes to self-compassion, you get stuck. You judge yourself, you feel bad about things you say and do, about your looks, about everything about you.

You are self-conscious, and you never feel deserving of that same love, that same compassion.

You are worthy

Well, we are here to tell you a different story, to sing you a different tune: You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t worthy. That’s the first thing we want you to really get.

You wouldn’t be here, if you weren’t worthy and deserving of love and compassion.

You are loveYour being in the physical, is only because you are so loved, because you are so worthy! You earned this experience, this human life, the experience of having a body, through the Pure Love of Source, of God, of the Universe.

And you earned it by just being the love that you are.

You are the purest love in physical form. You may think that you’re not, that you’re not that loving, that you’re not that compassionate, but in essence you are pure love.

The ‘fabric’ you’re made of is pure love

You couldn’t be anything else, because you came from pure love, and have been formed from pure love, so how could you be anything other than that?

You can’t make pottery from water, you can’t make a tree from bricks, you can’t make a human out of metal, you can’t make something from another source than that of which it originates from.

Now, we get that’s a difficult way of saying it. But from pure love, can only come creations of pure love. Of clay can only come products of clay.

The source being used to create, is the material something is made of. When you are created of pure love, you can only be pure love.

So, how can you get to a point where you begin to love yourself as deeply, as compassionately, as you would love others?

Loving you goes deeper than just loving your human

Wrap your arms around yourselfIt’s really simple actually. Begin by telling yourself that you love you. But not just say it, you have to take it a step further.

Wrap your arms around yourself, and then take three deep breaths, visualizing yourself being wrapped inside a big red heart.

Be fully immersed in the feelings of love that are in that heart shape, and then say to yourself: “I love me”, state your human name, use it to affirm that the human with that name is so deeply loved by you.

See yourself detached from your human. You are not your human, you are the Soul that inhabits the physical body of your human.

Self-love goes way deeper than the love for your human, it is the love for Self, for Soul, for Source, for the giver of life, for the source of your very existence!

You usually think that you only have to love your human part, that this is what self-love is about. But it goes way deeper.

When you deny love for yourself, it’s not just your human part you’re denying love for: you are taking the love away from your soul. That is why it feels so bad and so depressing when you cannot love your Self.

It goes way beyond your human part.

Self-love stretches out to your soul

Your soul is made of pure love, but when you refrain that love from your soul, it feels the detachment of love. Your soul loves you so deeply, and it is you in spirit form.

So when you love yourself, you love both… your human as well as your soul.

self-love stretches out to your soulThe nourishing feelings that come with self-love and self-compassion, are the feelings of love you get in return from your soul.

It’s like this endless loop: you love your human, you love your soul, your soul loves your human, and you give back that love to your soul.

It is hard to explain it in a way your human mind can really get this, but we hope this will help you to understand it better. That self-love and self-compassion goes deeper than just loving your human part.

Self-compassion and self-love are equal parts of the ‘fabric’ you’re made of. They are equal parts of the pure love that is you. The you being twofold: human and soul.

It’s not about doing anything, but giving yourself, human and soul, the acknowledgment that you are pure love, that you are whole, that you are perfect, that you are infinitely worthy of everything you wish to experience, mainly love, and everything else your soul and your human desires.

We love you so much, dear human, and we hope this helps.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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