Anxiety, and What It Tells You


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, June 7, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day. We are very pleased to be able to speak with you again, and this time we would like to talk about anxiety.

People are scared of many things

We know that you have many things to be scared of in your human life. Maybe you fear people that could possibly harm you, or you’re afraid of having to pay more taxes than you think you can handle, you can be scared of not having enough money to pay your bills, there’s fear of animals, nightmares, being alone, people can have fears for anything and everything.

Humans have a brain that’s very susceptible to anxiety, and if someone has a fear and tells you about it, your brain instantly goes searching whether or not you too have that fear. If you don’t, and you’re sensitive to it, it could be automatically installed in you as well.

Fear is contagious

sharkLet’s give an example. When you’re swimming in the sea on a summer’s day, you feel happy, the sun is warm and you love being in the salt water. Then all of a sudden someone screams: “SHARK!”

What is your instant response? Your brain kicks in and goes into fear mode. You don’t have to think about it, you feel the adrenaline starting to pump through your body, and you know just one thing: get out of the water as soon as possible! And you look around you, to see if you can catch a glimpse of that shark that someone warned you about.

This is just a simple example. And fear is so easily installed in people, that often times you don’t even know that you’ve taken on fears from others, that aren’t really yours.

Without getting into a load of examples, you know that when a group of people is fearful of anything, there are always people that accept and go along with it.

How easy it is to frighten people

Take fear for disease, like you’ve had over the course of the last couple of years. The fear of Corona had the world come to a halt. An enormous amount of fear was being installed into people’s minds.

Fear of being exposed to a virus, fear of getting sick, fear of being contagious to others, especially older people, fear of going outside, fear of going into shops, fear of so many things were suddenly installed in people.

And it was so easy to do. Like yelling ‘Shark!’ triggers fear, so is announcing a deadly threat because of a virus or disease causing people to become frightened for their life and do whatever they can to get out of the danger zone.

Anxiety as a tool

anxietyNow, in what way is anxiety a tool that you can use? Anxiety is not just meant to scare you and make you feel small and powerless. It’s actually a mechanism that is there to help you, to let you know that you’ve got work to do, to take some action.

The one thing many people have forgotten, is that the required action is not giving in to the fear, but to actually face the fear! Confront the anxiety, let it know that you acknowledge it, but that you also recognize that it’s just a signal of something inside of you that can be resolved!

It’s a tool, like a traffic light, telling you to stop. It shows that there’s something going on inside of you, that keeps you away from your power!

So, whenever you feel anxiety, confront it, and confront yourself with knowing that the fear contains a lesson! The lesson is to get over your fear, by doing exactly the opposite of what your fear tells you to do.

Get clear on what work has to be done

Now, you do have to use your common sense with this. When there really is a shark-warning, don’t think that you should be brave and face your anxiety by jumping into the sea. But when it’s just your imagination telling you that there might be a shark, it’s time to take action and take your power back.

Whatever it is that you fear, tap into the wisdom that is inside of you, to see whether or not this anxiety is reasonable, or just plain unnecessary.

toolStart seeing anxiety as an instrument, a tool, to help you recognize what work needs to be done by you, and you will begin to see that any fear can be overcome!

Anxiety is something in your mind, fed by stories and thoughts. Drop the stories, drop the thoughts, and you can see clearly if there’s reason to feel anxious, and if not, you can get past it easily.

And if you think there’s a reason for fear, you can still get yourself to tap into wisdom, instead of believing the stories your mind is telling you.

You’re always guided

You never really have reason to be anxious, because you’re a magnificent powerful being, even in your humanness. And you’re never alone. We’re always here to help and guide you, as are your Higher Self, the angels, and Source, to name but a few.

We love you, dear human, and we know that you can step beyond any anxiety you have.

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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