Trusting in Today’s World: Intentions, Vulnerability, and Discernment


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, October 31, 2023 - 04:00 pm

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are so pleased and delighted to speak with you again. We’d like to speak with you about trusting. Who can you trust nowadays, and what does trusting mean?

Who can you trust?We see many people that have lost faith in humanity, have lost faith in the people around them, and most of all unknowingly have lost faith in themselves, specifically in their capability of judging who can be trusted.

Are you one of them? Do you feel that the world can’t be trusted anymore? Trusting people, relying on them, knowing whether or not they’re worthy of your trust, is it something you struggle with?

Well, then this message is for you.

Use intention to set the stage

We understand that trusting someone requires a certain amount of vulnerability. You have to open yourself, and let go of doubts and feelings of distrust.

The problem is that often times the feelings of distrust don’t leave, they sometimes even get stronger. And what happens then, is that you are creating a reality in which your feelings of distrust will be confirmed!

We’re not saying that it’s your fault, we do say that it’s your responsibility!

If you want to experience validation of your trust, if you want to see and know that you were right in trusting a certain person, or a specific group of people, or a company, no matter who or what it is, if you’ve put your trust in them, you want to see that you were right in trusting them, right?

So, the thing for you to remember is that the intention you set, and the focus you have, will help you in creating the reality, the outcome that you’re looking for.

Feel the energy of two different approaches

babysitterLet’s say you’re trusting your child to someone who will take care of them for a period of time.

You can now do two things: either you let your mind take off and think awful outcomes, things that could go wrong, things that you’re afraid they will forget or not think of, you can create the most horrific scenes in your mind of things going horrendously wrong.

Or you can feel trusting, and the relaxation that comes from that, and see in your mind’s eye that all is well.

Your child is in good hands, they’re capable of taking good care of your child, they know exactly what to do, they know how you want things, they are respectful to the rules you handle for your child, they make sure that everything is safe all the time, in other words, you can trust that it’s all perfect.

Can you feel the difference in energy, by just giving these two examples?

You can feel the restlessness that comes from the first example, where you feel that your trust will be in vain, whereas the situation where the sitter is perfectly capable of taking care of your child, will make you feel relaxed, happy, content, able to do whatever you need to do when you’re away from your child.

Be aware of your thoughts and set good intentions

It’s all in your mind. The thoughts you think and the intentions you set, create your reality, and therefore you are in charge of whatever it is you want to create.

So when you’re creating conflict, stress, chaos, by dwelling on thoughts of how things can go wrong, you’ll create that in your life.

Now, that doesn’t mean that nothing serious can’t happen even when you’re thinking only positive things, because there are still situations where your child as well as the sitter have free will to choose any experience they want.

And the other way around can also happen, that even though you see those doom scenarios in your mind, everything works out fine. It’s always a co-creation of the several parties involved.

Just know that you are a powerful creator, and with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, you can create the outcomes you want to experience.

Trusting is a learnable skill

Trusting in the perfect outcome for allTherefore, we invite you to set your intentions, and focus on the most perfect outcome for you and everyone involved!

With that ‘prompt’ all involved souls, angels, guides and spiritual helpers, are aligned to bring forth the best outcome for everyone.

Trusting others and trusting your own discernment is something you can learn. It’s a mindset you can adapt to.

It’s a skill you can train, by the intentions you set and by letting go of the negative thoughts. Dismiss those thoughts and don’t allow them back in.

We’re trusting this information is helpful to you 😉

We love you, we love you, we love you.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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