You Are Worthy!


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, May 19, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are happy to be with you again, and we will talk this time about worthiness and how you are worthy to receiving.

In our previous message we talked about receiving already, in relation to allowing. But this time we will go a bit deeper into the receiving part, and how it relates to your worthiness.

It’s not about achieving things

Do you often wonder why you don’t have the things you want in your life? Most people experience this. They want something, a new car, a house, more money, a stable love, life partner, friends that understand them, more harmony, but they just don’t seem to achieve this.

achieving thingsAnd mind you, we use the word ‘achieve’ because humans often think that it depends on them doing things, in order to receive, or achieve, the things they want.

Well, let us tell you, you don’t have to do things, you certainly don’t have to ‘achieve’ things. All you have to do is to allow and receive.

But… you can only receive when you are in a vibration that is aligned with the things you want. And there’s what holds you back!

Feeling unworthy?

When you feel unworthy, even in the slightest bit, you will not receive the things you want! You have to feel worthy of it, you have to be aligned with the vibration of that which you want!

If you don’t feel worthy to receive, if you think you’re not good enough, you have to do things first, you need to be something first, you have to earn something first, then you are living in the vibration of lack, you are not in the vibration of that which you want!

So, here’s our little trick for you. If you want something, feel it as if you already have it. Because in reality, you do already have it, it’s just not showing up in your physical world, because of your feelings of unworthiness!

You are worthy of it all

Start feeling worthy, know from inside your heart, that you are worthy of receiving everything you want. Because you are worthy, you are of immeasurable value, because you are the Source that everything comes from.

There is no way you could be unworthy!

storiesWhen you have a sense of not being worthy, it’s because you are telling yourself stories in your mind! Stories about why you have to do, be, earn, etc., things first before you could ever be able to receive the things you want.

Start with love for yourself, start with accepting yourself, and more importantly, start with forgiving yourself.


Now, you might say “I have nothing to forgive myself for”, but in reality you do. You are holding yourself in a vibration of lack and limitation, separation and poverty in some shape or form, because you consciously or subconsciously think that you have done things wrong in the past, because you feel that you are the one to blame for certain things in your life.

And it’s time to forgive yourself for that. Forgive yourself for not being in the vibration of love, of joy, of happiness, of being able to receive whatever it is you want.

Forgive yourself for the things you feel you did wrong. Because only then, can you start to get into the vibration of, and align with, the things you truly want.

You want more love? Forgive yourself for not finding it yet, and start to open up and allow the love, because you are worthy of it!

You are the definition of pure Love, because you are Source, which is the Source of divine love. So how could you not be worthy of receiving love? Just start to feel the love as if you already have it.

What can you do?

How do you do that? Pretend! Use your imagination and ask yourself “how would I feel if I had that love?”.

And from that feeling of already having it, you start to align to the vibration of love, and if you work on that by feeling that love every day, and giving it your all in your thoughts and in your heart, you will have to start experiencing that love every day and all the time.

It’s undeniable. And you can replace the word ‘love’ with anything else you want to have or experience.

It’s time to wake up

It’s all about you being worthy, your undeniable worthiness, because you are the one that created everything, including your physical body!

time to wake upYou are so worthy to receive, and it’s about time that you start to feel into that, and wake up from your bad dream that told you that you are unworthy.

You are the power, you are the energy and you have everything you need at your disposal, if you tap into feeling worthy and allow yourself to receive.

You may want to read this over and over again, to help you understand this better and better.

A little exercise to help you

Start with telling yourself everyday how much you love yourself, and point out ten things everyday that you love about yourself.

Say “I love…” and fill in the blanks with things about you that you love. It may be physical, mental, emotional, but they have to be about you first.

“I love… my eyes, my hair, my body, the way I walk, the way I talk, I love my voice, I love the way I treat older people, I love how I play with children, I love how my eyes shine when I’m happy, I love being with friends and feel their love for me, I love having it all at my disposal, I love being worthy, I love being me, I love being human”…

We think that you now get our point. If you do this every day, you will start to feel more worthy.

Give yourself unconditional love

Start with showing yourself respect, with telling yourself only positive things about yourself, stop judging and abusing yourself for the things you’ve done that you don’t like.

Forgive yourself, and start to feel worthy.

It’s an important lesson for you, and you might say “I don’t recognize myself in this”, but that is just your human speaking from a level of ignorance. And we don’t judge that, as we never judge you, just stop treating yourself the way you have done up until now.

worthy of it allStart to appreciate every little thing about you, know your worth, see your value, and give yourself the unconditional love and support that you would give others. It’s time.

You are worthy, and it’s time you start receiving the things you want, that are in your highest good, that are your Soul’s desire, you are so worthy of it.

We love you, we love you, we love you!

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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