Illusions, and How to Stop Believing Them


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome dear human, we are so happy to be with you on this beautiful new day. We love you so much, and we are so very proud of all the things that you have already done in your life, despite the illusions that make you feel limited in what you can do.

We know you sometimes feel that you haven’t done so much to deserve anyone to be proud of you. But we assure you, that we are proud of you. You’re perfect in every way, even though you often tell yourself otherwise.

We understand you better than you know

thoughtsWe would love for you to become more aware of your thoughts. We understand how you think that you are, and that you’re doing the best you can to be a better person, but it’s not so much about doing things, rather than becoming aware of the things you think.

We understand perfectly how you struggle with things, people and situations that you encounter on a daily basis, that you have to deal with in the outside world.

And you may say to us that we are not able to understand these things, and these problems you’re dealing with, because we have never lived a human life, we never had physical bodies.

But we certainly know how you feel, even though it is without the experience ourselves. We remind you, that we are the Vault, where everything, including every thought and every feeling that has ever been felt by any human being on this planet, and still to this day, is being stored.

We know exactly what you feel, how you feel, and why you feel that way.

You got caught in the illusions

We will explain to you what the problem is. We don’t see it as a problem, but we use that word for your reference, because you usually speak in terms of problems.

You came to this planet, were born as a human being, and you grew up. The reason that you came here, is to experience lack, limitation, duality and separation.

Nobody forced you to come here, you insisted yourself. You wanted to be here, you made an agreement to be here in this human body, for a certain amount of time.

illusionsNow, what happened, is that you experienced all these illusions, the illusions of lack, limitation, duality and separation, and you grew up with it, and then it happened… you started to buy into the illusions, you believed they were real!

That is what happened, why you’re in the state that you are.

Stop giving your power away

You gave your power away, you gave it to other people, you allowed them to tell you what to eat and what not, you allowed them to tell you how much money you’re allowed to have, you let them tell you where you’re allowed to live.

You constantly give your power away to people, things and situations.

When you get angry at someone, you give your power away. You blame them for doing things to you, but you’re the one that’s telling yourself all the stories inside your head, about why you have every reason to be mad at them, because they did whatever it was they did… and off you go, giving your power away!

You’re entitled to expect more

You came to this planet willing to experience these illusions, but you never signed up for a life of poverty, of bad health, of not having the things you want.

You’re an infinite being, you would never have agreed to come here if the rule was that you would have to stay in lack and limitation!

You agreed, because you knew that you would soon enough discover your power again, and that you could live on Earth as a sovereign being, fully aware of your power, fully aware of everything being energy and fully aware of your Oneness with all.

That is why you agreed to come here, and you insisted on being here right now, in this body, in this life. You chose this! But you never intended to stay in the illusions, to make them your reality.

How to take your power back

take your power backNow, we tell you that you can take your power back. You have the right to do so, and it starts with your thoughts. Stop telling yourself and others how bad your life is, how difficult it is, how many problems you have, that you want things but don’t have the money to do them, that you have things you don’t want to have, like illness or problems with people.

Stop entertaining those thoughts, and start thinking new ones.

And stop feeling envy for what other people have, or begrudge them their successes, because if you do that, the negative energy has to go through you first, before you sent it out to someone else. So the negative energy you send, will also have negative impact on you!

Instead, bless them and send them love, that way you will receive the things you want easier and faster.

Master your thoughts

You may say that we make it sound too easy, that it’s hard for you, but it’s as hard as you allow yourself to make it! In fact it’s pretty easy.

You’re the one that allows certain thoughts to enter your mind. And then they have an effect on your emotions, and there you go, creating the things you actually don’t want.

So start becoming aware of what you think. And the second you notice a thought coming into your mind that is not serving you, that is not helping, that is not positive or uplifting, say to yourself: “Stop, we’re not doing this anymore!”

Stop yourself, and replace the thoughts with better ones.

Stop saying “I don’t have this, or that”, start focusing on the things you already do have. You can be happy with small things, and be grateful for them.

The more grateful you are for the small things in life, the faster you will manifest the larger things in life. It has to become a habit.

Leave the theater, remember what is real

movie theaterWhat you have done, is believing the illusions to be real, like someone that went to a movie theater, saw the movie, and believed it, and never wanted to go out into the real world again, because they were mesmerized by the movie and felt that it was the truth, that it was real.

That is exactly what you’ve been doing. You’ve started believing the illusions were real and you forgot who you really are and why you came to Earth.

We’re here to remind you. You’re an infinite spiritual being, a powerful being, living a physical experience in a human body. It’s time to take back your power, and have the illusions dissolve, because that’s what you’re capable of.

You can do this, dear human, you definitely can.

Put positive energy in the energetic field

Stop looking at negative things that make you feel miserable, start looking at the things that lift you up. You will see for yourself, that your life will start to change, because you put new energy into the energetic field.

And when you do that, your world will change, your life will change, and you will receive the things that are your birthright.

We love you, and we never judge you if you choose to not take our advice seriously. You have a free will, and you’re entitled to use that.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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