The Great Awakening, What Causes People to Suddenly Awaken?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Wednesday, September 27, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to be with you again and we’d like to speak a bit about the reason why you chose for this human reality and why it is that so many of you are now in the process of awakening, or the ‘Great Awakening’ as it’s often called.

What was so attractive to this reality that you insisted on being here right now, in this day and age?

The Great Awakening, where people begin to see the reality of SelfMany people that started their awakening begin to become aware of the Truth of their Self, who they really are, are wondering why they had to be oblivious for so long.

Why is it, that you chose to forget who you really are? Why is your soul wanting to live a human life, forget all about it’s spiritual existence, and then after many years wants your human to know what the truth is?

We are here to tell you, that you chose this because of the experience.

It’s like going to the movies

When you are going to a movie, you go into the movie theater, expecting to see something you’ll enjoy. Sometimes the movie exceeds your expectations, you get to see a beautiful story, or an exciting adventure.

Other times you are not really intrigued by the story, it may be too boring, or for some a movie can feel too exciting, to scary, to nerve-wracking.

But while you’re enjoying the movie, or at least sitting in the theater, you immerse yourself in the story, especially when you like it. You forget that you’re sitting in a chair watching a movie.

You identify with the characters. You might even start talking back to the screen, saying things like “why don’t you see that?!” or “watch out, behind you!”…

You are totally into the movie, as if it’s real.

Seeing and living the Truth, without having to die first

You're in this fully immersed movie of your lifeBut when the movie is over, you are still sitting in your chair, in the theater, and you walk outside, fully aware that it was just a movie, a story, even though you may still feel the emotions that were triggered during the movie.

You see, your life is very much like that. You are now sitting front row in a fully immersive movie where you are the star, and you have forgotten that you stepped into the theater.

You have forgotten that it’s just a play, because you wanted to experience the emotions, the adventures, the experiences of this lifetime as a human being. Fully immersed.

But you and your soul have agreed that at one point you would want to wake up, you would want to know how it is to live that human life in the full awareness of it being a play.

In the full awareness, the knowing, of it not being real. And live your life like that! Not having to die first to know the true reality of your life.

Consciously experiencing it and expanding from it, while you know that it’s only a movie, a game, a part you play, an act, a role, knowing that everything is perfect as it is.

It’s all orchestrated for you, in pure divine perfection!

The process of the Great Awakening

You wanted to experience the beauty of human life, and you can only live it in that way, in all its fullness, when you’re aware of the truth.

You can only be aware of what is real when you can see behind the limitations, past the lack and separation.

That is why you wanted to wake up eventually, and that is why we promised you to be there on this side of the veil, to help you with your process of waking up.

To make sure you hear the voice of your soul, the voice of your truth, and become aware of Consciousness, the consciousness that you are, that we are, that connects you with everything else, with Source.

And that dear ones, is the process many people are now going through, the is the Great Awakening. Some of you have decided to not wake up, to be fully in the play, without ever realizing where they came from, and who they really are. And that is okay too.

Not everyone will go through the awakening process, but many of you are going through it right now, and many more will begin that same process of waking up. Because they wanted to, from the very beginning.

Living from a higher enlightened perspective

Living life from an enlightened positionAfter having played in the darkness, the duality, the lack, limitation and separation, they wanted to experience living from and in the Light, from an enlightened position.

And you reading this message is not a coincidence, you are one of them, stepping into or experiencing your awakening.

We hope you get a better idea now of why things have been the way they were, and why your world is now evolving and your awareness of reality, your perception of reality is changing.

We love you so much, dear human, and we are always with you, to guide you whenever you need guidance. We love you, we love you, we love you.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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