Global Consciousness Is Rising, Why Is It Important?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, July 7, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day. We love to speak with you again, about something that may be of interest to you: the rise of global consciousness.

You might wonder what that is, and how it relates to you. We will try to explain it in an easy to understand way.

The consciousness of energy

everything is energyThe global consciousness is the consciousness of all of planet Earth and of all of its inhabitants: human, plant and animal.

Everything is energy, we’ve told you that before, and every plant, animal and human, everything, every cell, every particle, every atom on the planet, including the planet itself, is all just made of energy.

Now, energy has consciousness. Energy has intelligence, although your human mind wouldn’t think it has. In reality, energy is a form of intelligence, and this intelligence comes in different ways and forms.

Now, to get a good understanding of what consciousness really is, we’d like you to imagine a light bulb.

Energy and a light bulb

This light bulb is shining its light when you turn on the switch.

The energy flows through the wire from the switch all the way to the light bulb. When switched on, the bulb gives light.

Where is the intelligence of that light bulb, where in the energy is the intelligence or the consciousness of that light and the light bulb?

The consciousness comes in the form of electromagnetic power, and it flows invisible to the human eye through wires, but it can also flow freely without wires.

Seeing intelligence in energy

plasma globeIt can be touched, which in it’s purest form isn’t recommendable to do for a human being, but when you take a plasma globe for example, you can touch the globe, and by touching it, you’ll see light flashes, like contained lightning.

There you see the intelligence, the consciousness, of the energy. It goes where it’s drawn to, and it knows when to give its power and where to give it to.

We know you think this is weird, because you, with your logical mind, think in terms of physical law, of action and reaction.

But what physical law doesn’t teach, at least it usually doesn’t, is that energy is intelligent, has consciousness.

How global consciousness is rising

Now, we’ve told you that we were going to talk about global consciousness and how it is rising right now.

The energy of the global consciousness is becoming more and more tangible for more and more people. Humanity is on the verge of stepping out of their numbness, out of their self imposed prison of lack and limitation.

Humanity is beginning to discover their power and their strengths, and therefore their consciousness is growing.

When the consciousness of some grows, they will be kind of contagious to others. People who have a higher level of consciousness, tend to tag along other humans who are not that far yet!

And that way they contribute to the rising of the global consciousness, it rises all over the world.

The Great Awakening

great awakeningThese are exciting times for you and all of humanity, since you are all waking up. Humanity is going through the Great Awakening right now, the awakening of the collective consciousness, the global consciousness.

And everything that is on the planet, will have to acknowledge that, and everyone will see it happening right before their eyes.

So, what is the benefit for you of all of this?

You get to experience first-hand what it’s like to grow in consciousness. Whether you want it consciously or don’t want it to happen at all, doesn’t matter.

In not too long from now, all of humanity will be stepping into higher levels of consciousness, stepping into the global consciousness of love, harmony and peace.

Some hurdles to get past

Don’t be discouraged by what’s happening in the world right now, because it’s the despair of humanity, of a large part of humanity, that is showing in the outside world.

As you know, the outside world is merely a reflection of that what’s going on inside of you.

Step into the Light, step into feelings of joy and happiness, no matter what your circumstances are, and you will start to see the effect after a short amount of time.

global consciousnessYou too will take your part, step into your role, in this new global consciousness, and all you have to do is relax and just enjoy.

Release, let go

Expect things to sometimes be more difficult than usual, because you’re still full of resistance about many things, and all those things will have to be released and sent away.

So, there’s still things to let go of, like old habits, patterns, and thoughts, but you’ve got time, and you’ll get to that point before you even know it.

We love you dear human, we love you so much!

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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