How You Can Always Find Joy Everywhere in Everything


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Wednesday, August 23, 2023 - 10:00 am

find joy in connection with other humansWelcome, welcome dear human, on this beautiful new day indeed. We are so delighted to speak with you again, and we’d like to bring a lighthearted topic to you. We’d like to talk about how and where to find joy.

What is joy to you? When are you feeling joyful? Can you feel joy during your day-to-day busy schedule? Or do you feel that joy is lacking in your life?

Can you find joy in everything?

We are here to tell you that joy can be found everywhere, in the tiniest of things. And therefore we’ll give you some examples.

For those of you who think in terms of ‘issues’, ‘problems’, ‘troubles’, ‘challenges’, or other thought patterns that humans would consider ‘negative’, we assure you, that in everything joy can be found.

No matter how serious a situation may appear, how bad something looks from a human perspective, there is always joy to be found.

As said, let’s give you some examples.

Examples of where to find joy

Joy is found in waking up. When you open your eyes, feeling your body, knowing you’re alive. Waking up can be a very joyful moment, for which many humans show great appreciation and gratitude.

Joy can also be found in every breath you take. Knowing that the oxygen you inhale will give your body the necessary fuel to live and to enjoy your life.

joy in a cup of coffeeYou can find joy in the touch of anything. Whether it be a cup of coffee that feels warm, or the coffee itself that touches your tongue and the inside of your mouth, your cheeks, your gums.

Joy can be found in the touch of a hand on your shoulder, the knowing that somebody cares about you.

Or the touch of a pet, sniffing with its nose to know if it’s you, their favorite human. It can be found in petting an animal, the touch of a friend, or a lover.

Joy is also in the sight of seeing someone you love, the sight of something beautiful, like a colorful bouquet of flowers, or beautiful videos online of holiday resorts you would like to visit.

Whenever you are not feeling joyful, you can get back in feeling and experiencing joy by listening to music you love.

The sound of beautifully singing birds, or the subtle sound of a soft summer breeze, rushing waves or hearing the gentle whisper of the leaves on a tree might be what you need to find your joy again.

As you see, you can find joy in almost anything and everything.

Joy in times of war or horrible situations?

But we hear you ask: how can someone find joy when they live in a war zone? How can for example a young women or a young girl or boy find joy when they’re being abused?

We understand that your human mind cannot fathom this, but in every situation the nature of the human being is to look for joy.

playing child in war situationChildren in war zones still play, they still laugh, even though they have their worries and struggles in their lives, they still know how to find joy.

When they tune into their true beings, and children are far more capable of still being in touch with their source than adults are, they will know and find the joy and the love. No matter what!

What keeps you from joy is your mind!

It’s your adult thinking mind that makes it difficult for you to understand.

When you are suffering from sorrows, or from memories of bad things you have endured in your life, it’s not the experiences that make you feel sad or bad.

It’s your mind that keeps going over the things you experienced, and your mind is labeling it as bad, as negative, as painful, as horrible, as something you would never want to experience again.

That is where your troubles come from! Stop thinking the same negative thoughts over and over.

Start looking for joy

Begin looking for the joy in every moment. Maybe start a gratitude journal, or make a list of things that make you happy and add at least two things each day.

You will see that in the shortest amount of time you will be able to get more joy out of your life, in your day-to-day experiences!

We promise you, joy is everywhere, joy is available for everyone, no matter the circumstances. Period.

We love you so much, dear human, and we want nothing but happiness and prosperity for you. It’s all there, I you will allow it and receive it.

It’s all there for you, and it always has been.

We love you, we love you, we love you. We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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