Predicting the Future, the Sense and Nonsense About It


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Wednesday, August 16, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to speak with you again, and we’d like to speak a few words about predicting the future, since we saw a question about this very topic.

Why would you want to predict the future?

fortune-teller predicting the futureWe understand that many of you are looking to find answers, hoping someone will be able to predict the future.

You want to know what is lying ahead, what will the future hold for you? Will it all work out, will you find that love you’re longing for? Will you get your dream job, dream house, dream car, dream spouse?

We get that. We are also aware of the fear many of you have for the future. Fear that things will go south, fear that the problems you are now facing will ruin your life.

Fear that things will never get back on their feet, that you’re screwed… Anyway, you get the idea.

Predicting the future vs living in the now-moment

Well, we are here to tell you that predicting the future is actually kind of silly. We get why you would want to predict the future, but really, it is a bit silly.

Let’s take a closer look at why we would say that.

First you have to understand that there really is nothing like past or future. All there is, and we’ve told you this many times before, is the now-moment.

You can only live now. And every new moment, which a moment ago was your ‘future’, is just another, new now-moment.

So, when you understand that there is only the now-moment, you can easier understand that all you can do is create your future now-moments by creating them in your present now-moment.

When you predict the future, you are actually making an assumption from the very point you’re at right now.

Your present now-moment is the result of past now-moments, is the result of the things you’ve decided before this moment, what you would call your past. Alright?

So, your future now-moments, you get this already, don’t you… they are created in this present now-moment!

How you create your future

When you want to predict your future, you don’t have to go and look for it outside of you. You don’t have to ask a fortune-teller, a medium or anyone outside of you.

All they can tell you is what they feel or see in your energy, created from your past, and draw the line further, assuming you will not change your path.

Every choice you make, changes your futureBut every choice you make, and we mean that literally, every choice you make, whether you decide to eat breakfast or not, will you take this route or drive a different one, will you say yes to have that drink or not, will you take a swim or go jogging… every decision you make, is leading to a different future now-moment.

So how can you expect to know exactly what will happen in your future? You can’t.

It’s always depending on the decisions you make, the beliefs you hold, and how deliberate you are creating your new now-moments from your state of mind, your vibrational frequency and the feelings you have. That is a mixture only you can make and influence.

So, how will you know what your future will be like? By creating it yourself!

Take back your power, understand that you are the creator of your life, that you are able to create a whole new experience.

Understand that you are able to change direction for anything in your present now-moment into your future now-moments!

That is how powerful you are!

Know and understand the reality of human life

And if you’re still curious to know whether or not things will turn out well for you, then remind yourself, as we do now, that all is well. Everything is always well.

No actor in a play is in danger when his colleague star-character is playing an evil part, no one is ever in real danger, because the director of the play is always in charge.

Harry PotterAnd the director of the play you call your life is you. You in your essence, you as your soul, as Source.

Like Harry Potter is never really in danger, because J.K. Rowling as the writer has the lead, and he is what you could call one of her ‘avatars’.

Harry is a part of her, as are all characters in the stories about Harry Potter.

So your human self is an avatar of Source. And so are all other human beings, playing in this co-creation that is here for you to experience human life.

You’re here to experience physical form on planet Earth, and expand Consciousness from all of your experiences while playing.

All is well

All has always been well, all will forevermore be well. And so it is.

There’s no need to look outside of yourself and have someone predicting the future, and we hope we gave you some clarity on that with our response to the question.

We love you dear human, we are always delighted to have these little conversations with you.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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