Discretion: Balancing Honesty and Confidentiality

By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, December 12, 2023 - 04:00 pm

Welcome, welcome dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to speak with you again, and we’d like to speak about discretion.

When is discretion required?

DiscretionWe know you are trying your best to be an honest good human. But sometimes you are not sure what to do or what to say.

Things can happen that expect some action from you, and you are not sure whether or not you are allowed to give it.

Then discretion comes into place. Discretion means to have the choice to either speak up or to keep things to yourself when it’s not your place to be open about it.

You can be discreet with things people have told you; treat them with respect and don’t talk about them. You can also be discreet with things you’ve seen or heard that aren’t yours to talk about.

It depends on your personal judgment what you share with others, and what you decide to discretely keep to yourself.

Contemplating your options

We understand that some situations are hard for you to know what to do. When you’ve got knowledge of something, and you know it’s not your place, there can still be situations that make you want to speak up.

It can be that you are witness of something criminal, of someone stealing, or doing things that aren’t socially accepted.

What do you do? Do you go and tell others, or do you keep it to yourself?

Things like that can be tough decisions, and you always have to consider the consequences. Not just for the other person, but also for yourself.

Discretion is something you can maintain, it’s a high standard to keep up, and although it can make you feel miserable when you’re in the dark of what to decide, it can also be a beautiful thing to keep up.

When people know you have a high level of discretion, when people know you are trustworthy and you are able to keep secrets, they will easily confide in you.

Your connection with the ‘other side’

Connection with your Higher Self and SourceYour part is then to decide how far your discretion goes when it comes to certain secrets.

And we assure you, that it has nothing to do with human laws or justice, it has everything to do with your connection with Source.

When you are in connection with your Higher Self and Source, and you rely on that connection to make your decisions, you’re always going to do the right thing.

We’ve spoken about decisions before, to never make a decision when it’s not choiceless. So the same goes for the decision of being discrete or not.

Will you keep a secret when you know it will bring harm to someone, either to the person that told you the secret, or to other people that are involved or will be involved?

Remember to never make big decisions with your head. Your mind can’t comprehend nor oversee the complexities of what’s going on in your life, let alone in the lives of other people.

Do whatever it is you feel you need to do, coming from your heart. When you decide to do something – to act or not to act – it should come from love, from your heart.

Guidance comes from within

Discretion is the ability to make decisions from your heart, coming from a ‘judgment’ for lack of a better word, if you should or shouldn’t be discreet.

When your feelings are not shifting into happiness, into feeling relief, feelings of joy and contentment about the choice you’re about to make, then it’s not choiceless!

That is your guidance: how you feel!

When you don’t feel fully positive about something, it’s better to let it rest for a bit. And don’t overthink it, but go into your heart, out of your head, out of your mind, to feel into the issue.

Not thinking but feeling. There lies the key.

And you will then know for certain, it will be choiceless, whether or not discretion is prevailing.

We hope this helps with whatever thing you’re dealing with. Discretion is a virtue, use it wisely.

And remember, most of the stories in your mind, are just that: stories. Discern and weigh in on the stories, how valid or true are they really, before you decide to come out with whatever you’re going to share.

We love you, we love you, we love you. We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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