Decision Making and How to Do It Best


By Lady Tabitha

 Saturday, 4 June 2022 - 12:10

Sometimes you run into things that you don’t have an immediate answer to, but you feel forced to act and make an instant decision. What is the best way to do it? Jump in, and hope for the best? Follow your gut feeling?

I have to make a decision and don’t know what to decide

Today something came up for me. Someone purchased a bunch of downloads from me (on one of my other websites) and ‘forgot’ to download them. Their purchase date is six weeks ago, and on the email with the download links it clearly gives an expiry date, being 14 days after purchase, for every single download link.

And while I was typing an answer to a question I received, I felt very divided. So I stopped writing my reply, and asked the Collective Consciousness what advice they could give me on the matter.

I asked: ‘Dear Collective Consciousness, what is wise to do in this case? I feel divided, because on the one hand I want to be kind and generous, on the other hand I value my own worth and giving in to what they’re asking, feels like I’m selling myself short. What is the best way to handle this case? Give in, or not?’

And this is the answer I received

Dear one, we are glad that you ask us, because we can see how divided you are. We understand completely why you feel this way. You want to tell them that it’s their responsibility, that they should’ve downloaded their purchases sooner.

Just as you would in a brick-and-mortar shop. You don’t leave things in a shop to collect them after two months, because you didn’t have space in your car to bring them at the moment of purchase.

We also see how you find it harsh to tell them ‘no’, but in fact, you are perfectly in your right, and as you say, you have your self worth, that is telling you that you should not give people what they so easily expect. Mainly because it’s usually only a small amount of money that they’ve spent in your webshop.

So, what is the right thing to do? We will not make a decision for you, that is up to you. But we advice you to go into your heart, take three deep breaths, and don’t do anything until it’s choiceless.

Until you feel ‘this is what I’ll do’, and no sooner will you have to do anything. Don’t respond to the email just yet, wait for that decision to pop up into your heart and into your mind. And then act.

You will see that this always works best. Now you’re trying to effort and force a decision, you want to get rid of the issue. But let it sink in, ponder on it, but don’t overthink.

Go with the energy, go into your heart, and you will see that the solution will surface all of a sudden and the solution will be choiceless.

We love you dear one, we love you so much, and we’re proud of how you’re going about these things that pop up in your life. You’re a master, and you own your mastery. Well done.

And with that, we are complete.

Why do I share this?

You might wonder why I share things like this. But I know for a fact, that many of us run into things like this. People ask things from you, or you run into situations where you feel you’ve got to make a decision, and you have no clue which way to go.

Feeling divided, it can feel like a battle between your head and your heart and making decisions in that state is nearly impossible. And usually, in my experience, when you do make a decision in that state of mind, you’ll regret it later.

So, by sharing my issue plus the piece of advice that comes from a higher perspective, I hope to have given you something to work with too, for the next time you run into a situation where you have to make a decision and you’re still indecisive.

Thanks for being here, and let me know in the comments below if you’ve had situations where you didn’t know what to decide and if or how you came to a final decision.

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